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Looking for a cheap vacation? Be careful not to fill the discount server

If you do not want to give up your vacation and do not have a pension, you may have thought of the phenomenon of recent years – a discount server. Totally, stays here are a few hundred percent cheaper than normal prices. Not all offers are serious.

Although according to a study by the Mediaresearch agency, 69 percent of customers discount the discount port, the purchases here are not entirely without risk.

“The discount market has not fully stabilized. Many smaller servers have financial and other problems, so it is assumed that several ports will crash during the following months. The customer should first select the discount server first and then the discount action. The front portals have a guarantee set and in case of dissatisfaction the customers compensate, do not let the servers do that, ”said Jan Zahradnkov, marketing manager of the Slevomat portal, in the development of the market.

Together with the Slevotka server, which is one of the discount portals offering exits, we have prepared several lines for you, how to know the inconvenient offers of discounts and buy in the horseshoe.

Do not click on the selected discount, check the portl. On the Czech internet, in addition to the high-quality and reliable ones, there are also companies that do not take napkins and do not want good customers. However, with some regulation of non-serial portals (more here), they still appear. How to know the good?

A serious and high-quality portal is always registered in the Commercial Register. You can easily do it. There should be a contact on the web. Enter the ideal IO or company name in the search on the Justice.cza website to find out what you need.

If you do not find the contact details of the operator on the discount portal or give the necessary data for the oven in the Commercial Register, choose to buy another discount portal.

If a reliable discount portl should, according to it, offer a guarantee of satisfaction, and call this service in any way. As a result, you can safely contact the portal to compensate for the price if you are not satisfied with the quality of service. First of all, stay at the service of this service. At the same time, the guarantee should apply to a situation where people do not have the opportunity to obtain a discount coupon in the term due to capacity reasons.

“Before buying a stay, I would recommend just a complete offer. Reviews of the hotel can be found on the Internet or in a discussion with each offer. In addition, service portals run a specific discount before running. In addition, each offer should include contact details at the reception, where you can check the free accommodation capacity, ”explains Luk Przybylski, Sales Director of the Slevotka.cz portal.

A frequent trick of fraudulent portals and the contracting authority are discounts, which are not, in fact, days of discounts. If you are buying a stay on the discount portal, always find out on the internet pages of the hotel how much it costs under normal conditions. Only when you make sure that the server really offers a cheaper stay, book your stay.

Most of the time, this is done by filling out the form, then you will receive payment instructions by e-mail and after you have written the number of the discount portal, I will book you with a unique free code. You will specify this when booking your stay. You can arrange it yourself directly with the specific accommodation facility.

It is best to book your stay within 14 days of purchasing the coupon. This is due to the advertised deadline, during which you have the right to a refund of the pension without any reason. The first way you can go to the case when the hotel does not have rooms available in the term when you want to stay.

Then you will not forget to pack your discount coupon with you so that you can present yourself in your place of residence.

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Of course, discount portals are to sell as many discount vouchers as possible. Therefore, do not take a moment in advertisements and try to present your offers as attractively as possible.

Always tell what bag you are buying and what extent you are buying. The title of the product offered should state how many people the voucher is about. And when it comes to the descent, then for how many days it is. Of course, they should be right next to the offer, so you don’t even have to click anywhere else, summarize the conditions: final price, coupon validity, evening dates and booking options.

And don’t buy a congress, study the business conditions of specific discount portals. In them you can find essential information, for example, in the event of a complaint.

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