Wednesday May 25, 2022

Lupi beat the shift worker, the dog still tied a rag to the floor

Beaten, tied up, and with a rag on the floor around her head so she couldn’t kiet. This is how the employee of the exchange office in Dolný Dvůr in the Eskokrum region ended after the flow of a masked robbery. He took pensions and long-term stamps from the establishment.

Lupi, camouflaged with a dog’s dog, turned around on Sunday at seven o’clock in the morning. Workers smnrnynejdv zatlaildo corridors.

“When the kiet started, he gave her a pstdo of oil. The woman eventually ended up on the floor of the dormitory and wiped the perpetrator to take a few more shots. The perpetrator then tied up the woman and the dog hundred and tied a rag to the floor around his head, “said Michaela Pavlkov, a spokeswoman for the Eskokrumlovsk police.

Lupi exchanged pensions, long-term marks and disappeared. He caused the code in the breath of statisc.

they helped a policeman who was barking when she got out of the rope. The survivors suffered several minor injuries.

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