Wednesday May 25, 2022

Lupi dropped the bill in the Eskokrumlov region, took home hundreds of crowns

An armed police officer searched in the south for a loot, which in the morning fell on the direction in Studnky in the Eskokrumlov region. The gunman was threatened with a pistol and stole hundreds of crowns. Police drove up scattered checks on the roads.

The robbery took place before nine o’clock in the morning.

He also picked up a car from the car he was changing. ”This car drove a few hundred meters from the city of another car. Pepaden woman suffered an okay and is in trouble, “said Michaela Pavlkov, a spokeswoman for the Eskokrumlov police.

Police officers in the south of Austria and in Austria due to the raids launched rozshlkontrols on the roads. Dog handlers and police officers from the traffic and criminal police also took part in the event.

According to police, the perpetrator is likely to be young, subdue the characters. A mill of reindeer koili with streaks of stripes down from the shoulders.

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