Wednesday May 25, 2022

Lupi from the Pardubice direction after a year ended up in handcuffs

The police managed to catch a young man who, in a burrow and ordinary with a weapon, caught one of the directions in the center of Pardubice. The first time he stole a dog a hundred thousand, the second time he was wrong. He faces a ten-year sentence.

Disguised as a change of direction, the weapon came up twice, and for weeks it lasted for weeks. While it succeeded for the first time, it was paid a second time by the cashier’s emergency response.

He disappeared from the city – once he broke away, the second time he rode his bike. Once he wore a hooded hood on his head, a second time an epic and a sunglasses. In both cases, his action was detected by a security camera.

“According to his report, the financial situation in the two robberies robbed him of the two robberies,” said Eva Maturov, a police officer in Pardubice.

The young policeman eventually appeared in ter in the Chrudim region. “For the young mui, criminal investigators introduced the results of the evaluated tracks, which were found in the city,” she said. Lupi was definitely not determined for the police, there were records of his two crosses in the databases.

He ended up in a police cell, a criminologist wanted him in custody. He robs him of a threat of ten years in prison.

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