Tuesday May 24, 2022

Lupi z Prioru, whose grant exploded in his hand, was sm. The pad is deferred

The settlement of the tragic case of the grant explosion in the Prior department store in Krnov is over. The police postponed the case because the perpetrator died and the investigator did not find out that anyone had helped him.

This happened six months after the time when the thirty-year-old Milan D. from Moravský Beroun tried unsuccessfully to rob Mifin.

“We tattooed the fall as a crime of attempted betrayal. We have now adjourned him for the inadmissibility of the criminal sentence, as the perpetrator died, “said the regional police director Tom Tuh.

“In the case of the case, we came to the conclusion that only one person had committed the crime, we ruled out the possibility of any complicity,” said director Tuh. The police confirmed that the perpetrator was from Bruntlsko, whom the police officer suspected of having met.

Policeman: It could have ended him

However, his integrity had to be confirmed by expertise. Mue scattered the grant he held in his hand under his body on the ground. It exploded as the intervening police officers tried to handcuff him. A number of people then debated whether the police officers had made a mistake.

“When we drank in the city and saw the rvak, there was no waiting. We had to act. Bume says only the perpetrator took it. If the grant had not exploded below it, but in the open space, where there were about 40 people, low ceiling, glass and metal, who, as it would turn out, said one of the intervening and injured police officers Rudolf Vvra.

It’s the same as the police director. He recalled that the perpetrator had been arrested by a police officer, Vladimír Rychta, before the police officer arrived. He tried to pacify him with the help of other people.

Lupi was very armed for a long time

“The fight lasted several minutes. The perpetrator was stabbing with a mole shot. The people shook his hand so that he could not shoot anyone. Take in their courage as well as the courage of the police, who quickly intervened after entering the city. It was an instant, a vigorous and professional step. I’m glad that we were drowned by so independent experts who assessed the step and tactics all the time, “said Tom Tuh.

Policemen Martina Fran

Police officers Martin Frank (left) and Rudolf Vvra were injured by a grant he was robbing under his body.

According to the investigator, the perpetrator was determined to get a pension regardless of whether he injured or killed someone. And according to the talks of the Ostrava police Gabriela Holkov, the sawdust prepared for it and armed itself. In addition to the pistol and the grant, he had pyrotechnics with him – the so-called ground light.

“If the perpetrator could get his hand out from under his head and manipulate a grant that was specially modified, he could kill people within a radius of twenty meters. In addition, he had terrestrial light with him, which is not directly a cell, but an inician medium. If he used it, for example, on a step, in addition to the light effect, he would very likely initiate a failure in that particular space, ”said Holkov.

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