Sunday May 15, 2022

Maai nev forint, at smnren stand in line for foreign currency

Maai buy foreign currencies in large numbers. Exchange rates and triple sales and some at US dollars. People in a weakening forint and get rid of them. At the same time, Hungary brought the markets to the markets very positively at first. He granted the right to secure an elephant from the IMF, incl.

The Hungarian currency fell to the euro at an all-time low on Thursday. The day after the weak forint slammed into the changes much more Maar than ever before. Buy mainly euros, US dollars, British pounds, Hungarian francs, but also Norwegian krone. This was reported by the online edition of the Hungarian daily Npszabadsg.

In some directions, sales increased and tripled. Denk appealed to the executive director of the Exclusive Change group, Lszla Krmendy. According to an unnamed treasury, the population is to be panicked. Before Christmas, information appeared that Maai had all disputes settled on foreign banks.

For an agreement with the IMF, let’s say, Orbn turned

The Hungarian forint weakened against the euro to a historic low on Thursday, one euro was sold and for 324 forints. In half a year, the Hungarian currency fell by about 23 percent. In recent weeks, I have been undermined by the controversial political decision of the Hungarian government.

Hungary has resisted criticism from the IMF and the European Union, who were annoyed that the country had recently adopted an agreement on a central bank (more here), which, according to experts, warmed the independence of the institution and thus changed the situation (more here). At the same time, Hungary can repay about 4.6 billion euros to both institutions, which does not.

In recent weeks, economist Jan Erkk of Hungary has called the excavated hatchet an ax. “Drinking new controversial states and things related to this have worsened Budapest’s relations with Brussels to such an extent that the new loan is still in sight. The victim of such a scene is not only the forint and the Hungarian government bonds, but also other assets in the region, ”summed up ermk.


Pedseda maarsk rights party Fidesz Viktor Orbn.

However, Viktor Orbn’s defeat suggests a rhetoric. Especially Hungary is realizing that it needs to calm relations and quickly agree on a turning point. After a meeting with economic ministers and the central bank governor, the Prime Minister will make the agreement with the IMF a priority for which the government should do anything.

Pten initially supported the forint about the meeting with economic ministers. On the same day, however, one foot first came for Hungary. The rating agency Fitch knocked down the country’s rated long-term foreign exchange bundles by one notch on the BB plus mark. As the last of the world’s three largest agencies, Hungary has reduced this mark to speculative dogs. To those who are going to buy Hungarian debts, she made it so clear: definitely do not do it!

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