Friday May 20, 2022

Modern bank robbery stealing from home

Adrenaline cashier with cash pensions is robbed by some people in a convenient way: instead of physically inexpensive, risky and sometimes inefficient theft of cars with pension packages, postmodern banks prefer to program. The pension withdraws you from your internet at home in the living room.

On the 3rd day at 7:51, e-mail boxes in the Czech Republic are flooded with a first message from Citibank. It is a classic example of so-called phishing. tonk will alert the user to get unnoticed to click on the link in the email and not realize that the city address czechrepublic2. got to the site citi-online.czechrepublic-

She was registered to Travis Godfrey the day before. As far as I know, the bottom door didn’t catch on. tonk, who attacked those at Komern banka, was possible because he did not rely on the two clients to click on the suspicious link in the e-mails first, but managed to penetrate the victim’s potential and seize his virtual identity, that means username, password and security certificate. Then he could freely dispose of it with the attacked.

How does a hacker actually get me into a stabbed victim?


– Installs the Trojan using a customized web page with the same result as in the previous case.

– It enters the computer with the help of a software error or incorrect settings, such as a wireless Internet connection.

Can a layman safely protect himself from such a threat? Risks can be minimized by not relying on the easiest type of secure internet here. This means that instead of passwords and certificates stored directly in the computer, it uses a computer calculator, ie hardware devices physically separated from the computer.

One-time passwords sent by SMS first (added protection, which was added by Komern banka after attacking its clients) seem to me as a means of increasing protection, but still insufficient. Because after authorization by SMS it is possible to enter any number of orders to the castle. eBanka, which first uses SMS as a cheap payment calculator, generates an SMS first for each individual payment order.

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