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Mui pr e velk finance a eny ty mal. Is that so at home?

Despite the fact that women are still changing their traditional roles, the area of ​​finance is under its responsibility. They take negotiations with banks on their shoulders and first of all they decide on the purchase of non-financial products and the choice of the bank. On the contrary, women have a family cash register under their thumb and decide on daily expenses.

The research of the consulting company Partners brought an interesting results of his relationship with finance. “The tradition of dividing it into a partnership was confirmed, the great emancipan revolution in the Czech Republic did not take place. While he has so-called big finances, women take care of the smooth running of the household, ”confirms Lada Kimerov from Partners.

They deal with financial institutions first

They are in charge of partnerships with banks and other financial institutions. Hardly more than half of them claim it. At the same time, 16 percent of respondents attribute this to them. Only aunt says that they usually deal with banks and only six percent wrote this role to them.

At the same time, they are much more confident in all areas related to finance. For example, if the partners decide on the choice of bank, the purchase of a car for leasing and mortgages did not come up with financial costs, they will be the ones who can do it with certainty.

Only in one area are women more confident – in contrast to him, they are much better acquainted with common food prices.

woman dr domc kasu firmly in hands

It is the first person who keeps the household running in his hands. About half of them believe that the family coffers take care of them first. It’s about me in about his aunt.

The dark quarters give him, and practically the same number, almost exactly how much their counterpart earns. At least I didn’t know a quarter about my income partners. Only a small fraction of respondents (1 – 2 percent) are secret from their partner.

How we manage together

According to the survey, the partners most often have two separate ones, on which their salary runs. However, if they want to buy something together, they will always agree on financing. Thus, the pub about half of the people addressed.

Tetina then has one or more partners in the bank, on which their income runs. Both of them have access to each other.

So in your household, one deals with the banks and the housewife?

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