Tuesday May 24, 2022

Mum n do not fall into your hand. Proves statistics once

Eighty percent of them report insurance claims in the form of a cut, the woman most often suffers from sprained ankles. This follows from the statistics of Pojiovny esk spoitelny for the last twelve months, when clients announced 45 thousand times.

According to other available ones, give your wife a happier move and a broken hand. Mui, on the other hand, probably have problems with walking or often break their legs. It happens most often during the spring and in summer it is “once again calm”.

“If we were to answer the question, which gender suffered more and more from injuries, it is clear according to our statistics. With a comparable number of connected women, we will record about twice the number reported once by the Muslim population, ”says Mikul Duda, a press release of Pojiovny esk spoitelny.

According to the connection, the cutting line is marked as a porcelain or firewood, which is switched on by improper handling of knives and other tools. Oetit vs muska and often should be only less than seven days.

Insurance events mui Podl
ezn rna 16,10 %
Sprained ankle 9,50  %
Pohmodn horn konetiny 5,70  %
Pohmodn doln konetiny 4,00  %
Sprained knees 3,90  %
Broken fingers 3,70  %
Pohmodn kyle, knees, ankles 3,30  %
Finger sprained 3,20  %
Source: Pojiovna esk spoitelny

“Behind the frequent cuts, he has a great relationship with various do-it-yourself activities. Stle plat, e ei are nrod cottage and chalet. Many times this happens in connection with the wintering of cottage buildings and the awakening of gardens after the winter season, ”explains the results of Duda’s statistics.

Insurance events for women Podl
Sprained ankle 11,30 %
ezn rna 10,00 %
Pohmodn horn konetiny 7,90  %
Finger sprained 5,40  %
Broken fingers 4,70  %
Sprained knees 3,90  %
Pohmodn kyle, knees, ankles 3,90  %
Pohmodn doln konetiny 3,70  %
Source: Pojiovna esk spoitelny

The insurance benefit is different

“If it happens to me once and only lasts for at least fifteen days, for each day of the fifteenth day, an agreed amount will be paid according to the selected package. In addition, and until the 28th day of the battle, this amount is doubled. If you break your arm, according to the tables of the bond, get the agreed day for 70 days. With a daily premium of up to 100 crowns, this is a specific 8,400 crowns, ”says Tom Hejda in the number of press releases of SOB Pojiovny.

If the cutting time lasts 8 days and the client of Allianz pojiovny agrees on a daily fee of more than 100 crowns, he will receive a premium of more than 1,800 crowns. Compensation for spraining the ankle with an elastic band for two-day lb will climb to 2,800 crowns.

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