Friday May 13, 2022

Myths and facts about life insurance. Not where you agree

life insurance is agreed in 51 percent of all. Even as the interest grows, experiences and mistakes still appear among people in understanding what they are connected to and how to use it first.

Mtus: ivotn pojitn is connected

The primary principle is a strong life, that is, especially important ones close to you in case something happens to you. And if it is your death, even a failure to work due to a sudden and long-term illness, possibly a significant further length in case of permanent disability.

Spoen is, and secondarily, it’s such a bonus to insurance. The advantage is the possibility of tax deductions, do not ask for a bag with some high appreciation, because the insurance company does not value the total payment of insurance, but first take the cost of risk.

If you just want to save, for that investments directly in mutual funds are suitable, or I can use a pension connection or building savings.

Mtus: pensions are only available

This is not true, although the life insurance is usually closed, when the family is fully assigned, it is not a condition. You determine the so-called mistaken person yourself, and it can be a quiet neighbor and a mistress. You can change the person in charge during the duration of the fuse.

The advantage of the insurance is that the pension that the insurance company can pay out is not subject to the classic childhood and left to receive the necessary funds very quickly.

Mtus: I can cancel life insurance at any time with a small loss

Bad on when the contract ripens. In any case, if you terminate the contract before the agreed time has elapsed, sweat to lose.

If you adhere to the contractual conditions, you will receive a so-called redemption. I calculate this with the help of actuarial methods at the date of termination of the insurance. How high it will be, bad on how many years you have been with you.

In general, it is possible that even in the first years of permanent bonding, the stock is very small, because all the costs associated with bonding are included in it. Only around the full time of the connection time will you get to the world, so you will roughly get the amount you paid, without any profit.

When the insurance does not suit you, it is better not to cancel the contract, to join in most cases to reduce the insurance to a minimum amount, or even to apply for a payment if it is possible within the product.

Mtus: when I take out a life insurance policy, I always take the tax

You can dream of tax storage, but you must meet certain conditions. The insurance must contain a savings component, so it is a capital or investment life insurance.

In addition, the contract must be concluded for at least 5 years and up to 60 years of age. In order to be able to deduct from the tax base of ron and 12 thousand crowns (and thus save 1,800 crowns in taxes), you must observe the minimum limit of the insurance policy. This is 40 thousand crowns for contracts from 5 to 15 years and 70 thousand crowns for contracts concluded for more than 15 years. Please note that if you terminate the contract early, you must file any disputes.

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