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Neas invites John to the carpet. He wants to get in, he flew to Ostrava by helicopter

Prime Minister Petr Neas demands an explanation, for the Minister of the Interior Radek John and Police President Oldich Martin flew to Ostrava and Krnov by helicopter. Police and civilians who were present at the Krnov border were appreciated here. According to John, they only took advantage of regular training years.

John was criticized by the acting chairman of the SSD, Bohuslav Sobotka. According to him, the minister uses helicopters in a situation where the police do not even have gasoline.

On Saturday, the minister and the police president praised the police and the inhabitants of Krnov, who found out against the armed robbery. He passed the week with a gun and grants. Police and other people managed to neutralize the perpetrator. Lupi died during the police raid, three police officers were injured and gave two people.

The uproar was caused by the fact that the interior officials and the police flew to the event by helicopter at the time of the baptisms and disputes. “I suppose they have arguments,” said the first newspaper. The cost does not have to be astronomical, but symbolically, according to the premiere, it is “extremely bad”.

Tell Minister John that his helicopter flight to Ostrava was not bad?

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According to the ministry, however, John and the police president only took advantage of regular training years. “While completing this trip, the President of the Police offered the Minister the opportunity to take a training flight, which the pilots must complete at regular intervals,” Interior Ministry spokeswoman Ji Reichl said today.

Ltn vyuval dve i Zaorlek nebo Topolnek

“The Minister of the Interior should first provide the means for the police to drive cars and only sweat, and there will be enough of these pensions, he should fly by helicopter,” Sobotka said. The SSD called on John to resign, saying that he was the least transparent minister.

In the past, the then Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Lubomr Zaorlek (SSD), who was regularly transported by air between Prague and Ostrava, also criticized the use of the helicopter. At the time, Zaorlek argued that it was not a private trip, but a business trip.

Mirek Topolnek, once premiered, abused the Army Squadron. He took a business flight to Bulgaria to a private stopover in Austria.

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