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Nejdra pumpy in sell gasoline for 35 crowns. Heals a poor crown

After less than two years, the price of natural 95 petrol turned out to be the most expensive pumps in the Czech Republic over 35 crowns. Analysts also warn that in the event of a further weakening of the crown or a strong hurricane season, such prices may not remain the price of traditional expensive pumps at the debtors.

According to Global Assistance, you can refuel a liter of natural at the Benzina filling station on the Hradec Králové bus near Hornch Poernice. It costs 35.20 K. Only twenty percent cheaper is the pump of the same character on the Brno debtor on the Devt k repeater. Even other large companies such as Shell, OMV and Agip are not holding back and prices are just below 35 crowns.

“It is true that the 35 K limit is psychologically known, and gasoline will come to terms with it for a while and keep prices below this level,” admitted Petr ermk, an analyst at Colosseum.

The bag warns that if the pumps are forced to rise, even the barrier of 35 crowns will not stop them. Price 34.90 K bag series of pumps on bedroom dr u two msce.

Jan Prochzka from Cyrrus considers only 30 and 40 crowns to be psychological. You will come across the price below the first bag in the Czech Republic with only the exceptions. “Extremely, there are subsidized amounts at some stations, which do not correspond to the market situation, but this is a challenge for customs,” said Prochzka.

This is the case, for example, the Tank Ono filling station, which is traditionally one of the cheapest in the country. Sell ​​a liter of natural for 29.90, but prices will rise here too. “We will raise to 30.50 K,” said gasoline co-owner Ji Ondra.

Tank Ono has long been cheaper than its competitors. According to Ondra, this is the company’s strategy. “Let’s face it at the age of 18, it’s under the same,” he added.

O nco lpe not the owner of cars with a gasoline engine are on the idea of ​​diesel. The average price of a liter of diesel is around 31.50 K, the average for natural is about a crown in. Even a diesel bag has no problem refueling for more than 34 K.

The difference between the prices of both fuels is gradually changing. The ride in April was two crowns, now there are only crowns. In addition, a gradual recovery of the economy could turn the situation to the detriment of oil, as was the case before the crisis, when high demand for oil throughout Europe drove its prices in the Czech Republic above 35 crowns per liter. “You price diesel not gasoline with a 50 percent probability in the second half of the first year,” estimates Prochzka.

It does not save even two crowns in diesel consumption. The capacity of the refinery is set to the demand for gasoline and not for diesel. If there is a hunger for diesel, the refinery will not stop and its price will rise sharply.

From June 1, the traditional factors influencing prices, such as oil, the dollar exchange rate and the trader’s margins, have been added so-called biofuels in fuels. According to ermek, this was reflected in prices by a maximum of 20 halls. Ivan Indrek from the Association of Petrol Stations agrees with this.

What will happen with prices in five weeks, especially badly in the development of the koruna’s exchange rate against the dollar. In the United States, there are several trades in oil products. Since its gym has been working in recent weeks, Czech motorists have not been helped by the fact that oil is more than ten percent cheaper than at the end of April. The weakened koruna erased this difference.

“In the summer months, it will largely fly to the hurricane season in the USA, which will be the worst in a few years. If a hurricane of the Katrina type occurred, then the price could climb even above the April maximum, ”warns ermk. If the koruna weakens at the same time, in the event of this catastrophic scene, gasoline prices could rise at the most expensive pumps to 40 crowns.

“If the hurricanes did not significantly disrupt oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and cause external codes, then the price of oil would not have to rise dramatically,” reassures motorists ermk.

Where is the tanker?
Spolenost Msto Natural 95 Oil
Gas D11, Horn Poernice 35,20 34,70
Gas D1, Devt K 34,90 34,00
Gas D5, lovice 34,90 34,10
Shell D1, Mn 34,90 33,60
OMV D1, Brno, Troubsko 34,90 33,10
Gas D1, Stechov, ride near Prague 34,80 34,00
Agip D1, Mikulov, Troubsko 34,80 33,50
OMV D1, Pnov, Brno – Tuany 34,70 33,10
Shell D1, Popvky 34,70 33,10
Pramen: Global Assistance
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