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Nesplcte? The bank with you will have the patience of you, then it will work hard

The sweat of the people who do not pay their debts is growing. Banks are a few months to problem clients and open up new calendar payments. If nothing helps, pitvrd. Clients are required to repay immediately the entire amount, including years and fees, and often call on external companies to collect receivables.

With the sweat of the agreed vr, the sweat of the vr, which grew their owners’ heads, also increases. What about a client who doesn’t meet? I think badly about how much debt and so on how to deal with your bond. That is, whether I try my situation with the bank eit, or dl dead beetle.

Get ready for a death reminder

The due date in your installment has expired and you have not paid anything. At that moment, the bank will remain, ct problem. In a few days I will have a bag to recover. If you do not pay even after the next five days, get to the souvenir women, which will take about three months. You can prepare for the direction of reminders by phone, writing, but also via SMS and e-mail.

Even esk spoitelna, the bank with the largest client base, does not behave differently. Execute the debt with the client first with the so-called human approach, ie in the spirit: “Client, you probably forgot about the installment,” and calls him, or sent him the first reminder to the castle debtor. After the meeting, the bank said lightly: “Client, he said, you could have a problem,” and I also invite him to the castle for a long time. When nothing happens even after a kind of reminder, esk spoitelna sent the last one, this time with a call to the castle for a long time.

Other banks also follow a similar procedure as esk spoitelna.

The bank’s procedure depends mainly on the client’s approach

The decisive factor is the breeding client. If I try to agree, the bank is also accommodating in its approach to it. The bank is understandably interested, because the client got into a situation where he is not able to meet his obligations.

Pt is not fulfilled for the reasons and discusses with us the possibilities of one. There may be several, for example, a change in the installment calendar, when it can pay less installments, or consolidation in the case of a larger volume.

At a time when the client does not respond to the reminder sent, he owes the installment in full and is not willing to agree with the bank on another method of fulfillment, the bank did not cuddle with it and proceeded to pay the entire balance for years and fees.

Clients try to force them to pay externally to the company

Even if the payment is due, the banks will continue to agree on a long-term castle with the client. “We also apply the principle of a pro-client approach to receivables due. Judiciary is the ultimate question of how to recover debt, ”adds Marie Vagrov, director of the Restructuring and Recovery Department of the savings bank.

About 20 percent of the receivables paid must be settled in court, for example through civil courts, executions or insolvency women.

Dalm eenm, how to get back the pension, is the outsourcing (first) of receivables and their transfer (sale) to external companies. In this way, the Czech Savings Bank will pay a low (up to 100 thousand crowns) and unsecured receivables.

Externch monost vymhn vyuv vtina bank, napklad GE Money Bank nebo Raiffeisenbank.

High (over 100 thousand crowns) and secured receivables of esk spoitelna extort itself. thus leaving the receivables in its own right through its eight regional offices. Employees in the regions know the local situation better and can thus more effectively understand the situation of debt.

Three collection companies work for the Czech Savings Bank

If you are among the non-paying savings banks and last up to one hundred thousand crowns, we can assume that the pension will be collected by another company. The Bank does not hold receivables, either before the debt of another collection company acting on its behalf, or receivables for sale. “Let’s put on a firm and unsecured receivables, with high and unsecured receivables the clients are concerned about the roof over their heads, so we prefer to manage them ourselves,” says Marie vagrov.

Spoitelna cooperates with those collection companies on the basis of a mandatory contract. You communicate with clients on its behalf. Receivables remain in the bank’s portfolio, and collection companies are exchanged for a limited period of time. If they do not record the day result in these months (full repayment of the debit and the agreed installment calendar), the savings bank will take the client from them and in front of another collection company or law firm to ensure a court order.

Bank vs sold, dlute nkomu jinmu

For them and unsecured receivables, I also come across their sale of aunt parties. In order to change the creditor, it was enough: you will not respond to the possibility of concluding new installments of the agreement, or you will conclude it, but you will not abide by it.

esk spoitelna sells receivables on the basis of the contract and also writes them off from its portfolio. Veker gave the impersonator a new pawn.

“This party, which receives a receivable from us, is not entitled to sell it to another person without our consent,” adds Vagrov. The bank is thus assured that the new creditor will not sell the receivables to non-serious companies.

Find out what I will encounter at the moment when the bank sells in debt in our previous article.

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