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Nespote for dt. Some contracts do not pay off, you better retire

Did he fall right in the hospital with his tie and wanted to sign a suitable contract for the baby? Moms often get mad. I always want the best for the oven. Relieve your child’s child the most when you will be retiring. The offspring will not have to worry about vs and you will be sure if he does not care.

The first financial product they will offer for children will probably be insurance. On the drain “what if something happened to my baby or her baby?” vtinou gives birth to sly. Plus, they’ll be spoiling there. Only in time does it turn out that this connection is not so suitable and it burdens the family budget with everything you did not expect. You wonder what financial products you should come up with and which ones you should avoid.

Stavebn spoen – The input is certain and agreed in advance, about two percent per year. In addition, the total support and 3,000 crowns is paid out, and the total year is around 5 percent of the year. It is not possible to conclude a contract for a high customs duty, it is better to meet the savings in six-year cycles – the state support is currently auctioned, it is possible that it will not be paid in the future. After the obligatory six years, you can terminate the contract, invest your pension and start a new building society.

Be careful in case of divorced marriages. When the contract expires and the child is not of legal age, the consent of both parents is required for the selected pension. And even if one of them spoen neeil at all.

Spoic and – The evaluation is not very high, moreover, in the course of time for me, also in the current years do not earn in the future. Pensions are available at any time. For some, this is an inconvenience, because the threat of choosing them prematurely is suitable for some.

Catch funds – You can expect income from equity funds. Although it is a risky investment (you can also sell it), due to the long connection time, the two averages are expected to appreciate by 7 percent.

Spool fuse – As a spoic product, insurance is very expensive because you pay for the risk. Due to that, it is not possible to know exactly how much ette is in fact. often and diligently offered the product, because there is a high commission for it. The disadvantage is that, unlike previous products, you simply cannot stop paying insurance when you do not have a spare. The coincidence is that the child is financially secure in the event of the death of the parents.

How to save for 18 years for dt million crowns
Zpsob msnho spoen loka
To go down 4 630
Na and 4 660
life insurance 3 800
Stavebn spoen 3 632
Bond fund * 3 370
Equity fund * 2 000

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razovku by dt urit mlo mt. It is up to the parents how they choose the type of fuse

Permanent consequences: relatively low insurance, when there is also a progressive payment, in case of small accidents you get little, in case of big times the pension is paid. For 50 crowns a month, it can be paid for 2 million in case 100% of the body is damaged (it is, for example, blinded, strapped to the wheelchair).

With daily compensation: fuses, which also remember fractures, mandrels and the like. You don’t have to mess with the fact that you would pay little and get a lot. The insurance, for which you get nine thousand for the inability to pay, will cost around 190 crowns. When you pay about 130 crowns a month, the insurance company will pay you for a broken leg over six thousand.

Once connected, the child has also a set of life fuses. It is pointed out on the model, which I sweat with the oven, that you can buy the insurance for a “price rebate” only as part of a life insurance policy, but the reality is different. a stamp in the framework of the Slunko Plus insurance company would cost 200 crowns (and you would have to pay additional pensions at the same time, at least hundred crowns for life insurance). We had the same fuse modeled separately. Msn payment 280 crowns and nothing further.

The sale of insurance liability does not pay off

Insurance that your ad won’t offer you. It is so cheap that its sale hardly pays off. For 400 crowns, insure yourself against a fall if someone in the family causes the code and for a million crowns. If you do not have such an insurance with your household, arrange it at the latest when your child is born.

All future broken windows, unrolled and damaged goods in the store, but you and the codes in case of accidents caused by cycling pay the insurance company.

ivotn pojitn

Life insurance for children is not the case when you want to provide for the child in case you die. All the Sun, the Tulms, the Beetles and the Bears are child insurance, but they basically insure the birth. They also hide under names such as wedding insurance, study insurance and the like.

In the event that the real country, the insurance benefit is due in full three years: the pension for the child immediately, the monthly rent and the adulthood, the day he paid the premium and at the end of the insurance he gave a pile of pensions.

This together is a bag of tracks: while for a risk insurance per million in the event of the death of a parent, pay 350 crowns per month, a comparable insurance with a savings costs 4,000 crowns per month. You can’t count on the risks of the insurance, but you can read in the funds and overall it will be less.

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