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New esk standard: pay late, check them out

For a number of Czech households, it is normal to pay late – for mobile phones, electricity, gas and other services. Confirm this with debt recovery experts. We talked to the experts about the experience of collection agencies and problems with debt settlement.

I will get out of debt with us and with over 200 companies and agencies. In most cases, these are companies with five or ten people, all collection companies are only pr. But the idea that this is a very rewarding business is wrong. “Our debts are average,” agree experts on debt collection.

“At the arrest, the people took us as an extortionist, and everyone imagined a hunter speaking with a Russian accent, a shaved head and a baseball bat in his hand. Today, the public takes this only in the sense that we provide a standard financial service, ”said Vladimír Gazrek, President of the Association of Collection Agencies (AIA) and the Czech Collection Agency.

Debt collection copies the state of the economy

There are several reasons why this is not very important for this field. For many debtors, meeting financial obligations is still easy because they do not have a pension. There are also a lot of notorious debts, with which there is an out-of-court agreement to repay the debt, zero.

The right to avoid receivables also depends on how much the debts are and how old they are. In some agencies, it is therefore considered a rush, when the debtors drill 10 and 30 percent of the debt. “In our case, we also have a 40% deal,” said Cyril Mores, CEO of Creditreform. The debts are old, so the enforceability is mostly difficult.

In the first place, the collection agencies receive receivables worth a total of 30 billion crowns, and the debt collection companies receive approximately 7.5 billion crowns a year. These are pensions that people owe to banks and non-banks, insurance companies, energy companies, mobile operators, hospitals and other companies. On average, it is about 15 thousand crowns.

“It’s worth it to report on hundreds of crowns of receivables today. New are your medical facilities, which the people owe for regulated fees, “says Vladimir Gazrek.

Repay the debt with clear ethical rules

In contrast to previous unfair enforcement practices, there are rules in the Czech Republic about what is allowed and what is unacceptable when recovering debt. Unreasonable pressure on the long member and its protection is inadmissible. For example, it is possible to call and remind him to pay the debtor outside working hours until 10 pm at noon. And he must not lean or give practices.

“You need the employee of the collection agency to inform about the bundle of debt to his colleagues from work and family members. Collection agency staff must not impersonate anyone else. We have recorded cases where the employees of the collection agency pretended to be executors, made orders and tried to give the impression that it was an execution, ”explains Vladimr Vachel, executive of the collection company EOS KSI and only AIA.

It is also inadmissible for the long-term employee to obtain a pension in any way, such as usury. “The collection agency will achieve its goal, but it is a top unethical and illegal act,” adds Vachel.

“If debtors feel that they have been damaged in their first days, they can turn to the Association of Collection Agencies. Initiate an ethics committee, regardless of whether it is a member or non-member association. If the initiative is justified, it will invite the collection agency to rectify its debt. If this is an unjustified initiative, we will also issue an opinion so that the Agency can appeal against the unjustified action. The day will not go unnoticed, ”says Cyril Mores.

The debtors are creative in their speeches

According to the expert on debt collection, the debtors behave similarly to you in America. “If he was looking for an excuse, he couldn’t pay you. In principle, the debtors can be divided into notorious, who can walk perfectly and agree with them on anything is difficult. Then there is a group that would like to pay, but at the castle simply not. And finally, there is a group that reminds you of debt and pays immediately, ”Gazrek said.

In comparison with Nmci, for example, they are only slightly different in relation to the debt of the furnace. “I worked for two years in debt collection in Germany. People here are accustomed bn to pay penle and years out of arrears, they take it so that the debt is the fault of their fault and automatically pay the penalties. In our case, this is an exception and I will pay the standard late, but they’ll wait, “to Cyril Mores.

They are also very creative in the speeches themselves. The most common thing is: “I was busy, I don’t have to pay.” Your alleged debtors often do well, the employees of the collection agency then find out in case of case that there are two or more jobs, but the debts do not pay you for two years. People can thus pack their financial problems into various heartbreaking events, medical needs, as evidenced by photographs from hospitals. When the collection inspectors go to the shop to check the information, it is otherwise different. Ast is also denied and said: “This is a mistake, choose someone else.” But the dark debt does not disappear.

Inn are personally long-term

And what about the debts the most salary to pay? “Even though people often imagine various practices, the administration will do the most, that is, send out a letter and explain what happens when you do not pay the debt. Inn are also a personal inspector. It also takes a long time to explain how many crowns the debt will increase if the executor is visited. But this is not the rule, zkuen dlunk is very tough. In that the execution m svj da does not occur kn from day to day. But it doesn’t matter that the execution costs will increase considerably, “Mores remarked.

The debt situation, which does not have enough pensions for installments, can be taken into account by the collection agency to a certain extent. “Vitel nm now has two and mantineles on the installments of the calendar, so that we can offer her installments for a long time. But I must not be talking about such installments, which will not cover even years, the debt would increase. There must always be benefits that will contribute to the gradual repayment of the debt, “concludes Vachel.

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