Wednesday May 25, 2022

New tariffs for the new year

For the new year, banks prepared to surprise their clients in the form of changes in their tariffs. If they haven’t made the changes now in January, notify them of the standard. Who changed the tariff and how? For which banking services do we pay more?

The first changes to the tariff on 1 January 2006 were announced slightly ahead of schedule Komern bank. She promised in particular a simplified and shortened tariff, or by the end of this year she had published only her birthday on her website. Getting him to eat was a superhuman feat.

Along with the new form of the KB bag tariff, it also adjusted the prices of services and products. And so changed e.g. Idealkonto, the cheapest package of KB services. Now it costs 35 crowns compared to the original 39, resp. 19 crowns, when you used some of the kanl pmho banking for your account. The change also took place in the area of ​​vbr from ATMs. Following the example of esk spoitelny, KB now offers a number of free withdrawals from its own ATM. This depends on the type of payment card and service package. KB thus abolished the fees for the change and the cancellation of the standing order, both through internet banking and paper bearings. On the other hand, the transaction made at the branch has risen – the cash withdrawal in all dogs by 10 K, and the withdrawal of up to 10,000 crowns is now a 60 K fee.

He gave the big bank, which made a few changes, she was esk spoitelna. In its offer, from the new year, they showed an optional frequency entry from t. These have so far been sent to clients with an irrevocable msn frequency. You can now choose between weekly and msn frequencies (5 K issued one entry + 7.50 K per charge) and quarterly (12 K issued + entry + per). The other changes mainly concerned foreign currencies. The fee for withdrawal from a foreigner’s home in the Czech Republic was 30 K from the original 0.5% (min. 30 K, max. 1000 K). And from mid-January S nav volume of so-called peshraninch payments from 12.5 thousand to 50 thousand EUR for a one-time fee of 220 crowns.

The clients of dalch bank also changed. ivnostensk bank adjusted the tariff in several respects. The reduction of the withdrawal fee from a foreign ATM from 40 to 30 K can be positively posed. Other changes took place mainly in the area of ​​operations at the bank’s budget. He was called nap. fee for collection here in person from 30 to 40 K, and set at least in the fee (0.5%) for the withdrawal and deposit of coins from here to 50 crowns.

Volksbank fees mainly dreamed. The owner of the FIT account paid me, his MSN fee was 6 crowns to 39 K. Ruen is also a fee for electronic transfer between those within the bank and electronically entered changes and canceled standing orders and collections. With the only exception, the bank got rid of its loyalty, among other things, regarding the lowest fee for withdrawing cash from here. From the original 6 crowns, the bank has now increased the half-fold by a factor of 24 – to 24 K. Along with these changes, Volksbank announced the right to go in April this year.

She made a cosmetic change in the tariff i Citibank. For foreign payments, a note appeared regulating the uniform rate of order for the availability of BEN to 1000 crowns. (Fees related to international payments are paid to the payee, including those paid by the payer’s bank).

The last of the big three banks UNDER reorganizes and simplifies its tariff fee as of 1 p.m. What do her clients do? In particular, the tariff will be compared in tables so that it is possible to compare the price of the product and their functionality. Definitely in this way, the bank will use the space and space, because 215 items will be excluded from the tariff. The range of the tariff varies from 30 to 10 pages. Items do not disappear forever. They will continue to be listed in the tariff for entrepreneurs and corporate clients. Plat to nap. for operations on the financial markets or documentary payments. These changes are mainly cosmetic, clients cannot expect significant discounts on the most commonly used products.

The last to make changes in fees is HVB Bank, as of February 1, 2006. The Bank is now notifying its clients in advance on its website. The changes will mainly concern additional services to payment cards and selected fees for your products.

If you are a client of one of the changed banks and the changes are made by the banks, then you now have the only option to change the bank. Only Potovn spoitelna entered the new year with a cancellation fee. Other banks do not hide it and clients have free access between banks.

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