Friday May 20, 2022

News and bonuses of building societies

Recently, building societies have introduced several new products. Some take the form of temporary bonuses and discounts, which will last only until the end of the year. The first of them canceled one of its distinctive products, and the second horse began to offer a contemporary hellish booth, which the other savings banks have been providing for a long time.

Modr pyramida zruila Junior program

Modr pyramida has ended the sale of its traditional Junior product, which was a convenient building set for all young people under the age of 29. Its main advantage was a 25% discount on the fee for concluding a contract. Instead, the savings bank now offers children and young people under the age of 18 a financial reward. Several conditions must be met. The contract must be negotiated with customs duty a minimum of 180,000 crowns and a premium claim will be created and after the payment of the castle for the conclusion of the contract and at least at least several deposits made. Each must have at least 0.5% of the tax and must be completed no later than six months after the conclusion of the contract. The average is 1,000 crowns, if one of the parents negotiates a contract with the child at the same time, she is invited to double. The contract of birth must meet the same conditions.

Due to the fact that the castle for the conclusion of the contract is a standard 1% of the total amount, this premium may be suitable for clients with a total amount from 180,000 to 400,000 crowns, as appropriate as two discounts within the Junior program. The client used two of them immediately at the meeting during the negotiation of the contract and received it in cash. In addition, a circle of clients who have a favorable year now dreams.

HYPO stavebn spoitelna m nov peklenovac vr

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From the beginning of November, HYPO stavebná spoitelna will offer a new hellhole with zero advance. All other building societies provide these types of inferior boilers without the need for a minimum sweat deposit for a long time, HYPO has a somewhat lower basis in this. (Peklenovac vr with zero down payment in the past provided it, but only for a limited time). In fixed years, the rate depends on the method of hedging, you see the potential down payment, the level of risk and ranges from 4.5% to 5.6%. Favorable fee for closing this infernal heat and 0.9% of the heat, the standard HYPO savings 2%.

At the end of the year, building societies are moving forward

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Contracts on stavebnm spoen is traditionally agreed first before the end of the calendar year. Building societies offer new clients various discounts, prizes and competitions. It is definitely not the longest for choosing a suitable product, but in some cases it may be quite interesting.

In December, Wstenrot will offer all free games and a bonus year

All clients who apply to Wstenrot stavebná spoitelny for any type of heat by the end of the year will receive it free of charge. The procedure is such that after the approval of the castle, the client of the castle pays for its processing and only after 80% of the provided services have been used up, the savings bank of the castle will return to him. Standard clients at Wstenrot pay 1% of the amount of customs duties for the provision of hell, a minimum castle of 900 crowns, a maximum of 15,000 crowns.

Building society agreements concluded from 27 November to the end of December are also eligible for a one-year bonus. For base years rates of 2.1%, the client receives a 20% bonus on the total number of years written. In recent years, the rate thus reaches 2.5%. The condition is that the client will be connected for at least seven years, there will be no data on the return and fulfillment of the conditions for the assignment of a person. What, among other things, does it mean to achieve set out in hodnotcho sla, therefore, the agreed number of members should not be quite high due to the total amount.

SS S offers a premium for concluding contracts by the end of the year

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Thus, at Stavebn spoitelny esk spoitelny, clients will receive a premium for concluding building savings contracts by the end of the year. It depends on the number of clients and the age of the client. For newborns born this year, 100% of the castle for the conclusion of a contract (maximum 3,000 crowns), for other clients only 50% (maximum 1,500 crowns). The premium will be based on at least 2% of the duty. In standard castles for concluding a contract is the same as in others spoitelnch set at 1% of the duty, so fully use this premium from adult clients those who negotiate a contract for three hundred thousand crowns and more.

The December novelty of SS S is the very connected Kvatro, which can be arranged by clients who submit This insurance covers a total of three insurance risks, namely the risk of death, full disability, long-term incapacity for work and the risk of loss of employment. The insurance client can arrange it within the framework of the contract and does not need a day reading for the insurance.

What do you think about the cancellation of the Junior Blue Pyramid program and the new hellish booth of HYPO stavebná spoitelny? Did you decide when choosing your building savings according to any bonuses and discounts?

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