Tuesday May 24, 2022

News in compulsory liability: the collision does not have to increase the amount of pensions

If you want to arrange a new compulsory liability in the spring, examine the first offers of insurance. A novelty is, for example, the binding set from Generali, which also covers the network with vol. Other binders offer discounts and upgraded old products.

Two free msce from Direct

If you sign a contract by the 7th of June, get a 10 percent discount. The Pojiovna Direct is preparing a new offer for running. “All new clients will receive two months free in the first year, and if they do not cause an accident during the first year, then two months free in the second year,” said Tom Zavoral.

Poraen srnec: kodu hrad Generali

Did it happen that you beat the deer at night? Rna like thunder and a car on rot. Pojiovna Generali now offers to pay such a code within the compulsory liability Komplet. “At the same time, the payment of the insurance premium does not affect the bonus,” adds Ji Cvka. So even if it is your fault, you will not lose the discount for a faultless month.

In order for the insurance company to pay for such a code, you must meet the conditions. Either call the police who started the accident or a promise on the Generali Assistance line. It will document the car code and thus provide you with a variety of assistance services, for which you are entitled. The staff of the helpline now arrange for a new interpretation abroad with one of the police or a related message.

Jubilee bonus from Allianz

Ten years ago, other states other than the Czech Insurance Company began to offer the guarantee. Allianz celebrates this by adding five percent more to the full bonus. In total, get an idea for those who have been driving without an accident for ten years, a 55 percent discount.

AXA: less city, cheap fuse

AXA rozila lenn, according to which it determines prices, about the owner of the car.

“We have decided to favor clients from smaller municipalities. They will now be three percent cheaper than those in these cities and seven percent compared to Prague,” said Marek Zeman, a insurance company. For example, a client from Cologne with a fabi (50 KW) uet without a bonus compared to Pilsen 130 crowns.

SOB Pojiovna mn rates and conditions

SOB Pojiovna has changed rates since January. “For example, in Prague, the coefficient dreamed, we reduced rates by 10 percent,” said Tom Hejda.

Thus, the rules for granting a 30 percent discount on good ideas have changed. The difference is that the two had a discount of 15 percent in the first year, 10 percent in the second year and 5 percent in the second. Now the discount is 30 percent straight in the first year.

Gentlemanm for the crown of esk pojiovny

The new insurance company also assesses clients (and then their insurance) according to their age and residence. The young have a dear, the people of small towns are cheaper.

For the Standard variant, they increased the performance limits from 40 to 50 million crowns for property and health codes. For the Exclusive variant, they increased the limit of the first protection to 20 thousand crowns.

esk pojiovna even provides a mandatory guarantee for only one crown. Offer a salary for people who win the award-winning Gentleman Roads for saving lives after calling traffic accidents, quick response and courage. And they will be obliged to guarantee the Czech insurance company.

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