Tuesday May 24, 2022

Next 11 The country of the future: Jin Korea

Next 11 will be introduced for a country that could be the same investment hit in the future as the BRIC countries are currently. The most developed country of the N-11 is Jin Korea.

A week ago, I published an article with a general overview of the N-11 countries, a new magic formula for investors. The first concrete market to look at will be Jin Korea.

Jin Korea (or the Republic of Korea) is the most developed phenomenon. T of a strong pro-export policy. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vehicles, known for our brands such as Kia, Hyundai and GM Daewoo. However, few people know that Koreans are world leaders in shipbuilding and shipbuilding. According to the electronics and electrical engineering industry, Korean companies Samsung, LG and Daewoo are among the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer electronics (from LCD monitors and mobile phones). They have a big share in exports so they have semiconductors. The last industrial area in which Korea is strongly engaged is the production of artificial fibers, artificial fertilizers and other branches of the chemical industry. In addition to industry with a share of about 38%, GDP will fall sharply in terms of services with 58%. Japan is still the largest economy in Asia, and within the OECD, it is fifteen in terms of GDP. On the contrary, she is very involved in various markets. In the Czech Republic alone, more than 42 billion crowns have flowed from South Korean companies in the past two years. . On the contrary, the growing indebted household can be mentioned as slightly problematic. According to official data from the Republic of Korea, 3.6 million long debts were recorded at the end of 2005, which are being paid in installments for more than three months. What with regard to the mortgage crisis in the US looks quite dsiv.Pi analyzing the long-term potential of the country is always good to monitor its population. Below the 38th parallel, there are about fifty million people on the Korean Peninsula with an average finger of 0.44%. Their age structure is not ideal for a long-term economic boom, see. following is a graph of the popular pyramid from 2000.

Today, a strong representation of people in the productive age is positive for the Korean economy. Most likely, this will bring known economic problems in five decades, as it will fall sharply according to younger generations. As the simulation of the age structure of the population in 2050 shows. The Republic of Korea thus faces a similar problem as most European countries declining in terms of working on one pensioner.

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