Tuesday May 24, 2022

NHL hockey moves from the US back to wealthy Canada

The Canadian cities are preparing to move the NHL hockey teams from Spojench stt. For this, real estate is on the verge of hockey in the south, where the NHL has expanded. Kanaanm navc pomh siln mna.

The game of January hockey in the fair, led by the NHL in the early 90’s as a great npad. Canadian clubs formed the most popular hockey team in the eight of 24 clubs.

It was seven hundred US dollars for the Canadian dollar. Hockey players in Canada, who are paid more than in the United States, could be honored as poor relatives. In the United States, and especially in other countries such as California, Arizona and Florida, the IT and real estate boom had only just begun.

fov NHL since 1993 in ele with commissioner Gary Bettman meant this when they announced a “born south” strategy. Vt cities, vc girls, vc pensions for advertising and souvenirs, go in hockey league.

Head north

In the following years, six completely new darknesses were added, including those in the warm south. He gave the established darkness migrated from north to south. Canada drank two darkness because of it. The Quebec Nordiques disappeared into Denver as the Colorado Avalanche (1995) and the Winnipeg Jets collapsed into Arizona handcuffs as the Phoenix Coyotes (1996).

Move to the present. Until what will be called “Nvrat na sever” in the history of the NHL. In the next few days, we will announce the transfer of one of the other teams – the Atlanta Thrashers – to the north coast. To Winnipeg, Canada.

After less than twenty years, the economic situation has changed. The real estate and technology boom in the south has ended the Great Recession, which has particularly affected the NHL. The Canadian economy based on mineral wealth and immigration from Asia is flourishing. The Canadian dollar is in terms of value not the US dollar.

The new team in Winnipeg will be called Manitoba nco

Pibv i bohatch Kanaan, who have the taste and pension to buy a dark license. Winnipeg is backed by billions David Thomson, his family company co-owned by Thomson-Reuters. I also own the prominent Canadian daily Globe and Mail, which announced the move. First, of course. The NHL then refused to confirm the information. Any change of owner and transfer must be approved by the league management and the club owner.

“I can only say it’s called Manitoba,” said Sam Katz, mayor of Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba. Neither the city nor the provinces have invested a single Canadian dollar in the move.

The club, which has been lost in Atlant all this time, wants to win from the hunger of the Winnipes after hockey, but also from a strong economy not in the past. The city has shared thirty of the 800 largest Canadian companies, more than hockey in Edmonton and Ottawa. You probably occupy luxury skyboxes in the stadium. In addition to the 90th year, there are ceilings in the NHL, which allow tm from smaller cities to hit the stars.

From Phoenix, the NHL moves to Quebec

Quebec, the capital of the Francophone province of the same name, is also preparing to return to the darkness of the NHL. The investor is preparing a new hall for her.

The loudest talk is about moving the Phoenix Phoenix Coyotes. The team from Arizona went bankrupt in 2009. It works with the help of the NHL and the injection of the city of Glendale. The councilors of this Phoenix district, where the average is 20 degrees Celsius in January, voted another $ 25 million in May arrest to hit the hockey players in the pilgrimage for a year.

An alternative, according to Canadian dailies, is the Columbus Blue Jackets, a new darkness in the USA.

The third Canadian city to make it to the NHL is Hamilton Industry. Except for the city where a number of Czech citizens have emigrated in recent years, near the vicinity of Greater Toronto, its Maple Leafs are extremely unimaginable in the NHL.

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