Tuesday May 24, 2022

Nkupy po sti: The pitfalls of foreign e-commerce

You can buy abroad abroad, or even take your heels out of the house. Over Internet. But for the purchase to be really convenient, you have to take the time to choose a solid e-shop.

Thirty milliliters of women’s high-voltage Cacharel can be bought in a French online store for less than nine hundred crowns. The same package is offered in the domestic e-shop for 1350 crowns. If the child costs less than 450 crowns, buy it
vm vyplat.

Then, at first glance, there is a suitable offer: digital camera Olympus SP-700 in transfer for 4700 crowns. Who would resist the prices in the American e-shop, when the same device is offered in the Czech Republic for 7,500 crowns. Only if you have a photo camera sent from zmo, pay an additional 2200 crowns for transport and go nineteen percent percent of the added value. Take vs pstroj will eventually cost about a hundred crowns dr.

Beware of customs and VAT

In general, if you buy in online stores within the European Union, customs duties and VAT waste, the price of the goods only needs to be added as necessary. For stores outside the EU, customs and value added tax also come into play.

While foreign trade usually pays directly to the price of goods, customs duties and VAT are usually paid separately and after the goods come to the Czech Republic. Pota i kurrn sluba vs will ask you to settle this debt, and only then
ped. If the payment is not available, you want proof that the goods have been cleared and all fees have been paid. In the opposite case, you would have to do it yourself
be interested in how much and to whom to pay.

Customers buying e-shops abroad should read the terms and conditions and the contract in advance and ask in advance who, when and on the basis of the fees they will pay, would like to speak to the General Directorate of Customs Bart Bartk. Dodv, e
goods in values ​​up to 22 euros duty and VAT not subject to.

While VAT is nineteen percent, the rates of duty vary according to the type of goods. You can find them, for example, on the website of the General Directorate of Customs (www.cs.mfcr.cz in the TARIC Issues section).

Shop with those you know

Buying in an online store can also complicate the method of payment. Merchants usually request to be paid by card. This is problematic if you are shopping at an unstable store, do not know how the type of secured payments

He definitely pays with the card only in two-storey shops. The risk can be reduced by using electronic wallets (such as PayPal) or online payment cards, the advice of Nikola Rafaj from the Association for Electronic Commerce. He adds that the Czech Republic, compared to Europe, is ahead with the use of the secure payment 3D-Secure, in which merchants do not get access to payment cards at all.

Get to know a solid business

Recommended to prevent fraud in online stores. If you answer no, even more than the following questions, you may encounter a problem:

– Is the seller’s name, address of the seller’s message and other contact information such as e-mail address and telephone number clearly stated?
– Has the seller provided sufficient information on the key nature of the product / service?
– Did you receive clear information about prices, deliveries, payments and other conditions of the purchase?
– Do you want to pay by credit card?
– Does the seller inform about the first withdrawal from the contract?
– Does the seller explain what to do in case of a defective product?
– Does the seller protect your personal and payment details?

Source: European Consumer Center

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