Friday May 20, 2022

Nov pojiovna Mdia pidlv pacientm pote u lkae

Welcome, you are in a better place, hard on your website health insurance company Media. Her drive, which was famous for its aggressive raids on the streets and the household, was interrupted by thousands of clients from other associations.

People who let themselves be seduced by the sight of pknch promises and a bonus, bitterly regret it. In the end, they did not get a day on the announced “better city”, and then they have to get a drug that is oet.

“Our clients adhere to this insurance company after repeated intensive pressure from the dealer and then they are surprised that they go to the doctor and he writes on two that he does not relate to Mdia’s policyholders,” said Lucie Kolov from the Budjovice Children’s Charity.

pis for 400 crowns

Kolov runs Eva’s counseling center for women and children, who already live in a life situation, they can’t get out on their own. Her clients have big problems and thus lack a pension for basic living needs. Therefore, they are an easy target of indomitable recruiters, who offer them 400 crowns for the transfer to the Media Association and give them a pension at the end of the year.

“Sell in the park by the sweat newspaper. The Nbori went under me and forced me to support me. that I will have a good time there and give me a pension, ”said Eva from the Czech Budjovice.

A former cleaning lady who retires by selling newspapers has to cover every penny. Therefore, in the end, she succumbed to an indomitable dealer and signed the contract. They didn’t give her anything, although they got her a pension. And pestoe Mdia enu has registered since she is, she still doesn’t have the necessary card as her follower.

“But under my original card from the General Health Insurance Company (VZP), I am also insured with both,” thinks the pensioner. Jene se ml. After registering for a new insurance company, he is entitled to redemption from VZP. “The client turns to us, they want to go back, because they have problems with Mr. Lek’s medicine.

Nkte lkai Mdii odmtaj

While the largest general health insurance company in the south has contracts with 341 general practitioners for adults, the media do not even have a third. They may have problems with children, because with practices for children and adolescents, the Media in the region has only 64 contracts, on the other hand, VZP cooperates with 148 pediatric surgeries.

According to its data, the insurance company cooperates in the Czech Republic with 13 thousand clients and in Prague it has about five thousand clients.

“Mm concluded a contract with five insurance companies, but Mdia is not among them. I don’t have a single patient from this insurance company, but I don’t think any of my colleagues even want to sign a contract, ”said Budjovick, a child of Mianov. The talk of the health insurance company Mdia Blanka Kramoliov, however, reassures all her clients that they do not have to be.

Public pslib does not work

I am saying that Mdia is cooperating with very many on the basis of the so-called public promise. This is the first volume that the insurance company guarantees that they will receive all the costs for this payment. “On the principle of public promise, the connection company Agel also started, and therefore this term is known better to health professionals in Moravia than in all of them,” said Kramoliov. However, do not give this practice to the public.

“Mdia declares that she made a public promise, but it doesn’t work. I have, for example, a grandmother who takes care of two grandchildren. They all refused to enter into an insurance contract with this child, ”said Kolov from the charity.

Socially weak people in the south will not be helped by the staff from its contact point in the IGY shopping center. The advice to pay in cash without a contract and send it to this insurance company for payment is up to him. “They are people in social need and lkai not pay, their situation is not,” Kolov explained.

The Mdia Health Insurance Company does not hide the fact that it was established only in the spring and has to acquire 50,000 clients within a year in order for it to exist. That’s why she hired external companies to help her with the board. “It simply came to our notice then. Their people did not act correctly, and darkened their name. That’s why we ended our cooperation with them, “said Kramoliov.

They currently have around 47,500 clients and their average age is 26.4 years. “We are fulfilling that by the end of the year the number of our clients will increase by 15 thousand and we want to continue in the committee on our own,” says Kramoliov.

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