Tuesday May 24, 2022

Olomouck ndra turns off info signs and cash registers, and disconnects electricity for a long time

Without the information from the information boards with arrivals and departures, or the sale of pendolin slopes and international express trains, passengers traveling to the train via the Olomouc main train will have to bypass for two hours on Saturday evening. Due to the reconstruction of its network, the debtors will turn off the electricity.

Without power, it should be from eighteen to twelve hours, due to the rightness to connect the boil. “Outside the operation, there will be domestic and international cash registers, guidelines and departure boards. During this time, passengers will not even be able to pay by credit card, In-card and there will be no vending machines in operation, ”said Kateina ubov, a regional agreement on Czech Railways.

About the departures and departures of individual connections will be informed by the radio station and so the two employees of the railways, who will advise, for example, to enter the service and other matters.

“These employees will be equipped with secondments so that they can be informed about the current data. In addition, the people can also ask the right, ”added Radka Pistoriusov, an employee of the press department.

During 120 minutes of operation without electricity, the entrance door, which otherwise works on the photo booth, will still be open. But during these two hours, people will not be able to buy SC Pendolino tickets or tickets abroad.

“At that time, it is a specific connection of the SC 514 pendolino at 18:33 to Prague and the SC 515 pendolino at 19:21 to Bohumno,” she added, adding that she therefore recommends buying reservations in advance or through the eShop.

In the event of a power outage, employees will be able to sell tickets to employees with the help of cash registers. “People who get on the train in Olomouc during the given time and will not have a ticket on the main train can then buy it without a hurry directly on the train from the first time,” said Pistoriusov.

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