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On purchase in iTesk: In actions, a dispute of 637 crowns, the duck did not arrive

After a year, we bought in iTesk. We tested whether this online store has functionally improved in a year and how many crowns to pay for a large purchase.

Remaining to spend and cut every crown, it is a settlement that tries to crush a number of households. So let’s take the offer from the acne squadron to import the purchase for free.

1. posteh: Price for delivery according to availability

Let’s notice the first change right after the opening of the water page of the online store. While last year the import of the purchase for a single price was 99 crowns, which is “from 69 crowns”. What the word “from” means is not explained on the internet page. Let’s find out from the operator over the phone: “The price of the dock is determined by the time.

More accurate – when you choose to import at a time when the order is lower, you can have it for 69, 79, 89 and 99 crowns. “Ni cena is a period from 12 noon to 2 pm and then between 2 pm and 4 pm. But that is not the rule, “adds the operator. Let’s order import between 10 and 12 o’clock, m stt 99 crowns. With the acne coupon “free delivery”, let’s take the first 99 crowns.

2. posteh: More information about goods on the web

The Internet itself or the goods is also improved, compared to January 2012, there are many more illustrated photographs.

For a number of items, the customer can also find out the composition of the product and give me the appropriate data. Pesto is something to improve, a number of pictures are still bugs and even more information about goods could be added. “We are working hard on it,” says Jan William Dvok, speaking Tesco.

Some pictures are bag confusing. At first glance, don’t tell how big the package is. The example is sterilized cucumbers. The two menus look exactly the same, you will find the bag in the label, in one glass there is 330 grams of delicacy and in the other 670 grams. When comparing prices, it is therefore necessary to include labels.

3. posteh: D acute in acne prices

We will gradually add 44 items to the online shopping cart and during the selection we will focus on food, drinks and drugstore goods in action. Acne discounts for selected fifteen commonly purchased products range from 14 to 35 percent. In addition, let’s order two types of alcoholic beverages in the event, namely beer (25 percent discount) and a bottle of distillate (31 percent discount).

When confirming the order, we choose the same as a year ago, payment by card when delivered to the city. The price of the purchase is an oriental spot of 1,760 crowns, the exact price of ur and the price of a duck and five pieces of peppers. We will receive the confirmed order immediately by e-mail. It took about 25 minutes to select and order.

4. posteh: The price of the goods is worth comparing

We ordered the goods five days before the actual delivery. So we have time to see if the selected goods to buy elsewhere go better. To compare acne prices, use the discount aggregator Akn ceny.cz, where you can find the best discounts and other business chains.

As we find out, one type of toothpaste, which we put into the internet coke, can be sold elsewhere for an acne price of 20 crowns less. For the rest you have to spend. It is easy to cancel, just activate the online order, remove the item and confirm the purchase again. In addition, let’s order dishwasher tablets, which are in iTesk compared to the current prices in other hypermarkets at a very good price. Price comparison and change in order took about 20 minutes.

5. posteh: Obchodnk me pivzt nhradu

The purchase can arrive at the agreed time between 10 am and 12 noon. Shortly before the rain, a Teska employee calls by phone that he is on the road and will arrive within a few minutes.

“We have the duck sold out, I brewed it as a substitute for the kue,” the employee informs with an apology. We have to forget about the duck for a great price. Even though it is fresh, let’s turn it down, you can buy it cheaper elsewhere.

Exotic fruit is not even ordered for the warehouse, which cannot be replaced by another bomb, and we have to say goodbye to that as well. We accept two refunds for the sold-out mill products. Out of a total of 44 ordered items, three were sold out, with which the bag is a pot when you buy online. We ordered the bag five days in advance. koda, e obchodnk zatm nedoke zbo book.

6. posteh: Payment by card is free of charge

When paying with a card, we find out he made a change. A year ago, we had to pay a fee of 20 crowns for this method of payment, so it does not apply. “We canceled the fee of 20 crowns for payment by card for two in mid-2012,” said Teska.

We don’t have to pay even 99 crowns for the bag, in this case the bag is an acne offer that we managed to hit. The trader wants to repeat the free import event according to the weekly call and adjust the price for import according to the service occupancy and the size of the purchase.

Podtreno to seteno:

  • By buying goods at current prices, we managed to save 538 crowns for goods, another 99 crowns for imports, which is a total of 637 crowns. We spent 1,645 crowns for the purchase.
  • We reached the most controversy in the work of the board and other drugstore goods (302 crowns), for beer and one bottle of distillate (160 crowns) and for food (76 crowns).
  • The service has improved during 12 months, the merchant does not charge it a 20 koruna fee for card payment. The price for the additional goods depends on whether you meet the time when the service is used by me.
  • When choosing goods, pay attention to how big a package you buy. It pays to compare prices with other current offers and thus go to save more.

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