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On the Internet, change your address on the insurance contract

It is perfectly common to arrange insurance online without a branch. But until recently, you couldn’t change basic personal data. You can do two insurance companies here, esk pojiovna and SOB Pojiovna. On the Internet, you can change the insurance contracts, for example, the address, contact details, but also the number plate of your vehicle.

Those interested in different species will first find more information on the web. Then only decide how the product you get under. Therefore, the Czech insurance company expanded its portfolio of possibilities, which can be changed through their Internet pages.

For example, you can change your permanent home address, phone number, e-mail address, and license plate number. “You have to come to one of the institutions in person when changing your address, or there is an opportunity to send a registered letter asking for a change. That’s why we’ve made it possible to change the address on insurance contracts online, ”explains Michael Knapp, director of pmch kanl esk pojiovny.

If you use the offers and change the necessary data via the Internet, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Safety is in the first place

It is therefore possible to change relatively sensitive personal data via the Internet. That’s why the security of formulas and entire websites is important. “The website of esk pojiovny is well secured,” says Zdenk Kaplan, head of P for information technology. “The client is always informed from his contract. We tried to compromise between security and user comfort, “added Kaplan.

The data that will be entered for security reasons is the number of the contract, the date of birth, or the identification of the car. The system then generates two check questions, to which you entered the answer yourself on the first visit to the website. In case you answer a little wrong, there are a few possibilities to change the lock.

At SOB Pojiovny, you can change your address online from April

Similar to esk pojiovny, the SOB Pojiovny website works, which offers personal changes from April this year.

“There are no changes to the contact details every day. Pesto applications are not very popular among clients. However, monitoring the process of liquidation of insurance events is more often used, ”informs Tom Hejda about the experience with the right data of presses of SOB Pojiovny Tom Hejda.

What to change about the Internet at domestic associations

Vtina pojioven plnuje rozen on-line slueb na rok 2010. U Allianz You can currently find out only the status of your insurance contract and create a personal account where you have an overview of your agreed insurance. You can enter the documents required to cancel the insurance event via Allianz via the Internet.

AXA offer monitoring of the status of insurance contracts. But it’s in. For a number of personal data for life insurance, you must submit in writing through the Change Letter. You can report anything about a non-life connection by phone or e-mail.

esk business insurance company allows you to display information about insurance contracts and change the name, title, contact details (phone number, e-mail) and selected vehicle data, such as the number of the technical order and the number plate.

esk pojiovna From 12 November, it will offer its clients an online change of all personal data, forms of payment, change of data on the mobile vehicle and refund of the insurance premium. Practically, this means that you can change all the requirements of the insurance contract for all products via the Internet.

UNDER Pojiovna Since April of this year, it has been able to change its title, name, address and contact details via its website. You can also manage your investment portfolio online as part of a life insurance company.

Direct Pojiovnan offers only display information about the contract, basic data and reporting of code events and, for example, additional registered characters. Direct for five years thus fulfills the birth of online services.

No branch of the insurance company General You can report via the Internet, for example, a change in the license plate, the number of the technical order, the city of the connected household and the notification of the completion of construction and reconstruction.

U Cooperatives it is possible to monitor the current status of claims settlement and change contact details for electronic communication.

Customers Pojiovny esk spoitelny they can only obtain detailed information on insurance contracts online. “At the beginning of this year, we are preparing a new website on which it will be possible to make online changes to personal data,” said Pavel Langov, a spokesman for the savings bank.

Uniqa so the online service is still fulfilling. If you are a client of this insurance company, you can inform about the change by phone, in writing or by e-mail.

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