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On vbr brigdy abroad you have the most time. Formalities issued by the agency

Serve in English pubs, pick strawberries in Denmark, put a swimsuit in the USA. The offer of seasonal work abroad is discussed, but I can still go to find an interesting city.

She lured the student Michaela to work abroad. She wanted to gain experience, meet new people and improve her English. She found contacts on several farms on British job servers and wrote an e-mail with a lot about the seasonal work.

Originally she wanted to find a job in a hotel, but because she could leave in June, the offers were interesting.

“A lot of farmers answered me. Social networking and web addresses of farms helped me in choosing the best offers. You can tell a lot about quality. So we decided with a friend for the two who liked them the most, and we set off. Only with a small pocket money, ”said a high school student focusing on tourism.

When they drank in town, they were pleasantly surprised. The owner of the farm accommodated them in the same caravan, where even wi-fi was connected.

They picked strawberries every day, sometimes 14 days at a time. She earned Ma around £ 250 a week, and paid her hostel for £ 35 a week with her friend.

“In the prices we had to take a ride to the department store. But you will not find such conditions everywhere, it is important to choose, ”is the advice of a young couple who remembers his more than two months’ work.

Foreign experience is excluded in the CV at a time

Didn’t she really do that unpleasant experience? In cottages about seasonal work, the negative benefits are only heme. “In the UK, many people from the entry countries are employed during the season, who must be specially authorized to work and are backed by agencies. This gives priority to a lack of labor. The second thing that happened was that the entrance Europe worked and that they had unwanted time off, ”recalls dvka.

He will stay at home this year. You have a hard time working in your field. “I think the experience of foreigners has impressed them abroad,” added Michaela. Her words are also confirmed by Martina Kvtoov from the Student Agency, who provides seasonal work. “Experience from abroad is excluded in the CV. The interest in staying abroad is thus growing slightly from year to year. ”

Pestoe seasonal work and au-pair stays are good shnt in January, some free places can be found here. “We will offer programs in Spain, Italy and Portugal, exchange for practice in tourism, au-pair stays in France and Italy. It is also possible to go to New Zland and Canada, where a suitable position is sought and after the trip with the help of partner agencies. It is thus possible to combine travel with work, ”to Martina Kvtoov.

Sm or with an agency?

If you do not dare to travel alone, it is good to contact the agency. Pome with a number of formalities. When will you choose the one. There are also a number of fraudulent companies operating on the market, which promise “mountains, mines”, and in the city, clients only meet with refusal or work for those days.

The agency may not charge you for any intermediary work. I am in favor of additional services (provision of transport, insurance) yes. “It’s important to see if I have a license. The websites of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will help with this. Dalm is a source of information is the Internet. It is enough to search for the name of the agency and from the discussions of the experience of others, ”advice Miroslav Chytil, manager of the European Employment Services for the work series R.

With a EURES Adviser, he provides free information and advice services to all jobseekers and employers across Europe. “We organize work halls for hotels and camps in Italy, Spain or Cyprus, according to foreign employers. He gave upcoming events and information about working in Europe, look at www.eures.cz, ”added Chytil.

If you find a sunny employment agency, the trip abroad is easy. Going on your own is recommended especially for those who know a great language and know the local environment. Interview with agent nen nron. “At the meeting with the client, we will choose the most suitable stay and register him in the program. Mostly we want to see a CV and sometimes references from previous employees, in the case of an au-pair, for example from a large number of children, ”explains Martina Kvtoov.

Then wait for the location. Before leaving, each person will receive complete information on what to do. “Let’s provide insurance, transport and documents for each other, first contact the local guarantor of the program and our 24-hour help line,” adds Martina Kvtoov.

To the pool in the United States, to the cafeteria in Canada

A similar look is paid for a summer job at the Czech-us company, with which those interested also travel for awards. “The biggest demand is for swimsuit positions in the USA and for work in hospitality and sales. The supply of summer jobs is still limited, but we can provide pool swim work in Washington. It is possible to go to Canada and work there in cafeterias in Vancouver or Toronto, but it is necessary to have a long stay – at least for three months. This is so that the investment will be reversed, ”said Jindich Josfek, CEO. In America, six thousand dollars are spent per year, the costs are about 4,500 dollars.

In the European Czech-us free city to go to hospitality in London, the regular date of departure is June 15. Those who can speak in the Spanish can go to the Montroig area as a restaurant staff. And nmini will find cities of maids and support staff in kitchens in Germany and Austria.

Abroad brigades are most often used by high school students. Or the unemployed who want to supplement their experience abroad with a CV. “Programs in the US are only for students, non-students to Canada, where they do not apply for student status. And in Europe, everyone works without problems, “adds Jindich Josfek, noting:” Knowledge of the language, flexibility, independence, openness and a positive attitude are essential for finding a brigade abroad quickly. The initial investment can be in the breath of thousands and tens of thousands of crowns depending on the selected location. But in the first place, the pension is drilled and driven:

Don’t go on a trip without an agency

  • Dnsko
    Go there for brigds in agriculture (harvest of strawberries, peas, corn, onions and apples). Don’t hit the road, fill out the online form at www.seasonalwork.dk. You don’t have to know the moment, English is on a communicative level. The biggest offer is from May to August. Hourly wage is up to 15 euros.
  • panlsko
    Brigds can be found in agriculture and hotel services. You only know English, but if you speak English, you will have an advantage and better offers. After going to the country, it is necessary to issue an ID number for foreigners to the job or the police, the so-called NO, and within 30 days of the arrival you must apply for a residence permit at the foreign police in the province. The minimum wage is 640 euros msn.
  • Nmecko
    Offer work in agriculture, gastronomy, hospitality. You can’t do without knowledge of at least at the communicative level. Seasonal work is available as a mini-job for about 400 euros per month (no social security, only health insurance) or at least six euros per hour.
  • Austria
    You will see employees in agriculture, tourist cottages and gastronomy, but only if you know German. The employer must have a work card, which confirms the contractual conditions. The complication is that you have to report to the general address one day after the arrival. Earn about a thousand euros from Msn.
  • Pull Britnie
    It is possible to find work in agriculture, hospitality, gastronomy, in services. Sten knowledge of English is a must. The employer must issue a written confirmation of employment. Remuneration must not fall below the pound per hour (workers aged 18 to 20) and below £ 6.08 per hour (workers over the age of 21).
  • Itlie
    Work in agriculture and hotel services, but you must have a basic knowledge of Italian. The employer is obliged to submit a signed report on employment and wage conditions. The salary is about a thousand euros msn.

Source: www.eures.cz

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