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One wrong click on the pot deprived her of her job. A new look marn

In the pot age, it became cadmium. One neastn clicked and the e-mail ended at another address, not ml. At this moment, Renat Jelenov from Prague wriggled his life upside down. The employer accused her of making a mistake, which she will immediately report.

The saw is dark and stable. Although he lives in Prague, he is looking for a new working complexity in a few months in vain. With unemployment benefits, his income has shrunk to less than ten thousand months, he must cut every crown.

At the age of 58, she was denied a pension supplement, which she was trying to secure for retirement, she would have been seeking public support and disputes would be drastically reduced. It is not possible to check out mobile phones and the Internet either. It would be an opportunity to find a new job. In a few msc et on the food and dressed not at all. The daughter she raised herself stood on her own two feet. She tries to help her mother as much as she can, but she also has something to bend over.

Renata Jelenovs talks about the situation with fears. I’m afraid of the future.

You have worked for the company for almost 20 years. Suddenly you drank a job due to an incorrect e-mail. What exactly happened?
I prepared a table with a list of employees to whom the company contributed to the pension supplement. When I was done, a colleague stabbed me at my desk. In order not to see the prepared file in the pot, I clicked at speed. But it happened that I accidentally ordered a file to send the file to the e-mail address of the company.

How did the employer react to this?
Within an hour, the editor called me. He told me I had made a big mistake. I apologized that it was not a death, but a misguided mistake. The conversation was very awkward. The director tells me that it is worthwhile, because now in the company that some employees get retirement benefits and other benefits.

Take vs chtli okamit propustit?
Yes, the editor told me. Everyone told me it wouldn’t turn out that way. However, right after the weekend, the director told me that you did not change your mind and gave me two immediate calls. Or if it is a kind of one that I can terminate the employment agreement. I had a day to think. I was first looking for advice on how to decide. If I left the company immediately, I would not receive any unemployment support at all. If I wanted to judge that they were fired first, I would have to retire for a good first and enough disputes to be able to stand trial. But I don’t have that, I’m a self-taught, I raised my daughter myself.

You’re in agreement. How did it have an impact?
The agreement was on time, I had to leave at the end of May. f let me know that I’m not in the company douc. The last month was terrible at work, no one talked to me, only two people had the courage to tell me that she was not fr.

The expansion of the employment relationship had a significant financial impact for everyone.
Yes. That’s what I found out. Unemployment benefits have plummeted, I was only entitled to 45 percent of my salary. I tried to give the employer at least some severance pay, but they refused.

Now you have to come up with a limit below ten thousand crowns. Can I stand it?
I am 58 years old, I live alone, have been retiring for three years. All expenses for housing, food, telephone and other bundles exceed unemployment benefits, I have to take missing pensions from disputes.

Is it your first experience that you are suddenly out of work?
It’s my first experience, I wasn’t prepared for it, it’s probably nobody. The hunter understands this, and when something like this happens to him. I am an old generation, a job and not a place where I would like to go. At least from him but mus lovk t.

Have you been looking for a moment for her since April, when you had to sign a vpov?
Yes. I started responding to advertisements, contacted them and searched and searched.

Have you had several job interviews, have you ever indicated that you are a star for us?
Literally not. However, in some companies I had the opportunity to see that in the personnel departments I would like to join, the old people do not work, but at the age of about 35 years.

We always saw the answer in response to the message, and we preferred another candidate.
Pesn tak.

What about hunting ct at the moment?
When I know that I applied for a job that I can do, I have a little experience and then he comes and got it locked, it’s a party. the hunter goes to his knees, grow up vit. After confusing answers, you will start responding to the ads automatically and grow at once to know that any answer will come.

You have worked as a human resources manager, you can run an office, read company pensions, make marketing, read complaints and give a lot of things, such as filing exhibitions. Isn’t it right that you can do so much?
It will probably be on the code (voice in the voice). But you still km, e vm what is in me, what umm, what dock firm dt. However, this disappointment, which comes with everyone further rejected, is terrible.

One of the quotes looked very serious. They’ve even filed for you to come up with some proposals for change before you board. Pesto didn’t work out.
The offer was on the floor that they told me that I was coming to a certain date. I had to learn new concepts and spend a lot of time preparing for a new job. But it was a sad story that can be called a single word: misery. The hunter couldn’t even tell me he wouldn’t take them in the end.

Was it a private or public company?
lo o sttn firmu.

Was that surprising?
Not exactly. I had a similar experience in another institution. It looked promising, I was convinced that I had to succeed, they had a moment during the interview. The old people also sat in the voting commission, I wasn’t j. I answered all their questions, and for small details. Finally, they emailed them to choose another candidate.

Does the hunter meet me when he needs to find a new job?
Give you a round that you have to work out a lot of proposals and send them in advance to decide if they will invite you to an interview at all. And then u won’t call. Or take a psychological and work test beforehand to prove your knowledge of the area. When you answer a dozen and a dozen questions, you only get one: thank you. Or, in the case of a middle-class woman, they try to try out the little things and try to catch up that you don’t know the details of your last amendment to a certain event.

I am 58 years old, you could go to a temporary pension. For don’t choose this path?
It’s sloit. My pension would be too short for me.

Does that mean you can’t afford it?
No, it’s irreversible and unsuitable for me. Drinking two thousand months is noticeable, I must also ask whether I buy a croissant for two crowns or for five crowns. I will receive 11 months in unemployment benefits, which seems like a sight at first glance. But if I can’t find a job, then I’ll just refer to the social door and the state will pay for health and social insurance. I was to have all the options for retirement, so how much would I get if I retired in 2012 and 2015. Mr. Mr. Pepkou told me that it is best for me to find at least some work for the main job, did not recommend me to leave do pedasn penze. But when a situation arises that I will no longer have to pay for housing, I will probably not have to choose a temporary pension.

Are you afraid of the future?
Mm, but don’t give up and keep looking for work.

Has he turned into a look at the life of sweat, what did you find yourself at the bottom of?
Grapes too much. Dvm se na svt jinma oima. When I see the homeless and the people of Ibrah, I think, “This is how you end up.”

You are dreaming of looking for work outside your field, do not be afraid, for example, to take care of seniors.
I look in all spheres. I have a strong social responsibility, so research this in this area as well. In the meantime, I was able to find a small beer with a senior and child, which is asn.

m vs this work floats?
Help me with washing, calm, ehlenm, with hldnm. Even though it’s for a small pension, it’s long. I see that the people are v. Dokou ci: “You are asn.” I haven’t made that in the last few years.

It doesn’t take much work to do that, does it?
The offer of a beer is not large, about 65 and 80 crowns gross per hour. But it’s better, not if I sat at home, staring at the wall and blabbering on. It’s better to go and work, do anything and do the work here. Stay with them in such situations. It does not distinguish that someone wants to work and others want only from social doors.

Try to pronounce pn, teba se spln. What kind of work would you care about?
I would really care about a job that would float to me. I would like to go for those years that I have to retire and I can work in finance or human resources, because I am convinced that I can do this job. I can also organize business trips, which is not easy discipline, I worked as an office manager, I can conclude supply contracts. The company will do a lot of money to save. How do I do that, I can deal with people, but unfortunately, I don’t have baldness.

Take in the rest of the furnace just a bit of optimism?
Domnvm if, and year.

Have you ever sent an email to another address by mistake?

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