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Oputn arely at the border ovaj. Offices and hostels are established in them

They try to use the border of the village for buildings, two of which served customs, but after their departure they remained meaningless on the former border crossings. For example, in Strn te the object of two used customs works as an office.

“Bistro open” there will be a sign set up around the former border pedestrian in Steln in the Vsetn region. As a remnant of customs and police officers, there remained a large building with offices and gave a name in which the customs control sat.

You are a bistro. Despite this, it doesn’t work. “Closed,” he stands on the paper, casually tucked behind the two. The building is slowly surrounded by metal and a yellow tarpaulin with a telephone booth, on which it is possible to arrange the rental of the building, is half fluttering in the wind.

“It was used as a warehouse, but the tenant gave the opportunity, just like in the bistro,” said Steln Mayor Petr Krmar. The border area is a region that has offered the village to rent it. “We’ll probably take over, we have a soft contract on our desk,” Krmar said.

What is the point of such a building, when it is about a kilometer from the village center? “We would use it as accommodation for debts. Five big events will take place in five years, we will build a sewer and at the same time repair the tunnel on the railway, ”the mayor explained.

There are still beds to move into the building, there is a bathroom.
“It’s not extra comfort, of course, but I think it’s posted,”
znamenal Krmar.

And the debtors will not need a hostel,
The village is most likely for tourists who are so satisfied
modest conditions. “In the village toti accommodation spaces bugs,” he said

Bunch of grapes

The same is true of Star Hrozenkov, to which the region will rent the building for two borders.

“And we’ll rent it for a long time, like a cousin,” said Mayor Milan Vaculk. In Hrozenkov, on the border with Slovakia, it is lively than in Steln. The village there have several buildings, in which it shares a direction, restaurant or cafeteria and fulfills to them the first building rented from the region.

Two funds, nyn chancellor

This Strn m border building is owned by the municipality. “We managed to rent it to the office space of these companies,” says Mayor Ondej Benek. In contrast to the Hrozenkov infantry, the one in Strn had them, because they have no trucks there.

“It’s just a little house from an unimo bunk, quite new. In fact, it started to be built just before joining the EU, ”said Benek. The village used the house as a warehouse, to use it as an office bag for it will be suitable. “I also have a good location, it is next to the main road and parking,” said the mayor.

Now in Strn, consider what to do with the fist under which she stopped cars for customs control. “We would like to relocate him, but that would be quite expensive,” Benek said. The municipality could use it as an emergency during an event that would not fail.

The town of Brumova-Bylnice remained on the former border of the pedestrian in Sidonia. But there are Slovak parties and the liquidator is not in a hurry.

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