Wednesday May 25, 2022

The koruna has stuck to its maximum, the dollar is going down

The crown vera improved its historical maximum and reached the value of 20.43 crowns per dollar. It is thus on the wave of the current strengthening of the euro and other European currencies and American currencies. The koruna also lost its position this year – it strengthened against the dollar in the last week by […]

Stt farmed in the first half of the year with a surplus of 1.3 billion

The economy ended at the end of June, plus 1.27 billion crowns. Compared to the first half of 2006, the bag is the result of 6.4 billion mountains. For the whole year, the ministry sweats with a deficit of 91.3 billion crowns. Sttu revenues rose by 14.5 billion crowns to 483.3 billion, the Ministry of […]

Good and bad relations in the financial markets

With this advice and instructions to get rich in the capital markets, you always always come across the concepts of diversification, risk, volatility, liquidity, etc. One of the terms often used is correlation. What does this concept mean and why is it important when choosing the optimal portfolio? Can we rely on the values ​​of […]

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