Wednesday May 25, 2022

Passers-by did not help, robbed octopus had to catch the thief sm

The thief in Jesenň proved that the senior does not have to be defenseless and easy. tyiaosmdestiletmu mui took a pension from his pocket and went to tk. But the robbery noticed and caught up with him after a short pursuit. Unfortunately for the thief, she was just driving around a few pages.

A twenty-year-old young man found out about the senior before 3 p.m., when he was able to change his pension to the direction of Svoboda. Due to that, the dog had a thorn and a thousand crowns in the back pocket of his trousers.

“When the staff had to start arranging a pension shift, he worshiped the pressure in his back pocket, but he saw a young man who also took his pension to the sidewalk,” Tereza Jesubauer, a Jesenice police spokeswoman, described.

The senior started chasing the young man and calling for help at the same time, but soon found out that he had been running around the street for a long time.

“Even though there were a lot of people in the city at that time, no one was trying to help the robbery, even if they called the police. But everyone just stumbled and waited for what would happen, ”Neubauerov summed up the situation.

However, after the senior stayed behind the pursuing young man, he managed to catch up and catch him after about a hundred meters. At a time when they were arguing about stealing the pension, the robbery robbed only managed to help.

“Around that moment, there were a few strands who immediately saw them. The young man was arrested and called by the police, who took him to the cell. Now he is suspected of a peinukrdee, “the police spoke.

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