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Pay by card at the machine

Payment cards have settled in the Czech Republic twice and their number is rising year by year. The growing supply of banks and other financial institutions, including debit and credit cards, is still growing, and special events to increase their sales are only taking place in the world of finance. But how much do I have in my card? Which type is the most born and where do we pay with cards and use them?

There were payment cards as of 31.12. 2005 in the Czech Republic, according to Sdruen statistics, 7.4 million will be issued for bank cards (data include 18 member banks plus CCS and Diners Club). It was possible to increase every year in the year 2000 by 3 million cards. Of course, the most debit cards are 6.4 million. The number of credit cards is increasing rapidly from 41 thousand in 2000 and the current 615,542.

If we added nkupn to these kartm vrov card spltkovch company, we would get roughly put less than two million cards.

Source: Sdruen for bank cards (SBK)

ipovch and hybrid cards (with IP and magnetic stripe) was 2.8 million of the total SBK statistics (in 2004 it was 2.2 million, 2003: 1.4 million). In addition to the first pioneers, other banks have gradually stepped on IP technology, but they are still far from all. Among those who have not yet issued cards with ip, there is the highest banking status in R esk spoitelna, which is fulfilling the transition of magnetic cards to ip (or hybrid) cards for the second half of 2006.

And how do you play cards in Czech, divided according to individual brands? As can be seen from the chart in, most are Visa cards, the following are MasterCard cards. The acceptance offices are, of course, the most embossed cards (approximately 9-10 thousand accepted cities are more than electronic thanks to stores, which have only imprinter), between Visa and MC there are minimal differences in acceptance in Czech. American Express and Diners Club cards are significantly more expensive with our banks. As far as acceptance is concerned, the first American Express is the first of all cards – you could have the most problem with this card in the Czech Republic from the changed brands, both in the store and in the ATM.

Vending machines grew up on the fly

The development of the number of payment cards is, of course, related to the development of the number of accepted cities and the customs of the people. The number of merchants accepting payment cards recorded in the sun is now 54,667 (2003: 48723, 2004: 51393). The number of stores that have only an imprinter, on the other hand, will still fall, while in 2002 it was 52%, now in their share less than half – 21%. In the Czech Republic, news are also beginning to appear in this context – the operation of a cash register system was launched at Prague Airport, which enables cashless payments of parking fees. It is the first of its kind in routine operation; similar cash registers are, for example, in Great Britain nec.

How much do we spend with cards

Year Number of domestic payments (million) stka (billion K) – domc payments
2005 95 104
2004 82 85
2003 65 69
2002 34 37
2001 20 28

How many cards do we own

Year Number of cards (million K) in total Poet kreditnch karet (tis.)
2005 7,4 615
2004 6,9 373
2003 6,4 203
2002 5,3 98
2001 4,7 49

Jak se roziuje ATMs s

Year Poet bankomat Volume of transactions (billion K)
2005 2892 422
2004 2850 383
2003 2669 345
2002 2350 268
2001 1909 227

Source: Sdruen for bank cards (SBK)

ATMs still play prim

In what way, or to whom do people actually use their card most often? Statistics still show a lot in the volume of cash withdrawals at ATMs and pmch payments in stores in the table, it is not seen that the volume of transactions at ATMs is more than a multiple of pmch payments. This is so evident that the ratio improves over the years. While the volume of vbr increased by about 10%, the number of pmch payments was over 22%. The average amount in the pipeline is about 3370 crowns, while the average payment is about 1090 K.

These facts are also confirmed by a MasterCard survey conducted in the Czech Republic in June last year. According to him, the cards are most often used first to withdraw from ATMs – 90% of card holders use this function. 63% are used to pay in stores, 29% to pay off their balances and 20% to recharge mobile phones. So far, the use of payment cards in online shopping is the smallest.

MasterCard’s research also focused on potential credit card applicants. 14% of all respondents set out to share their next credit card in the next 12 months – in the R, this would be 1,142,000 holders of new payment cards. Half of them want to buy a debit card. The interest in a credit card, which would be shared by 30% of new applicants, also increased. With payment cards, people most often pay in hypermarkets, supermarkets and gas stations, and least abroad. esk average according to the survey in 1.2 cards per person.

How do you use your card? New credit card machines? Drink nm, dark on your posts.

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