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Pay for electricity stle vc? Try another tariff and change suppliers

Did the dolls roll over the last electricity bill? Don’t despair. Even though we are all up for electricity, we can go here too. He was getting healthy from the New Year. About two percent.

This does not mean, however, that all costs are automatically increased by three percent. It’s good to know who announced it from the outside. Whether a distributor or a supplier.

The resulting price for the production of electricity consists of two components: the state regulated by the energy supply (distribution) and the unregulated (power of electricity from the supplier).

What you can influence and what you can’t

The energy regulation sets a regulated price for the distribution of energy, which is then the same for all. About 47 percent of the cost falls on it and you have no influence on it. The regulated price is usually announced in the autumn for the following year.

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About 45 percent of the total price is the so-called power of electricity, which is the one that strains our consumption, and reduces the fee. It’s electricity from a supplier. The price is determined by the supplier and, unlike the distributor, we are free to choose and choose a cheaper price.

The last, albeit small, but not negligible and mandatory payment are taxes. “The first is the tax on electricity, this year and 28.30 crowns per megawatt hour, which is paid by the supplier to the customs line, and the total payments will then be made from the added value of more than 20 percent,” said Dominika Novkov from EP Energy trading. These are salts that the average consumer will not be affected in any way. In addition, if the Daov reform is approved, we can “put” it for five years.

How to choose a tariff and rate

If you do not decide to change suppliers, see if you use the most suitable tariff and rate. Even though many traders laugh at it, it is good to know that the tariff and rate are two different things.

The rate is determined by how much you have consumption in the house, whether you heat and heat water with electricity, or whether you use it only for lighting, cooking and for general consumption, such as refrigerators, televisions, slingshots and the like. The D02d rate is most often used in Czech households, those who have a heat pump use the D56d rate, and the D25d rate is used again for the boiler.

And let’s get to the tariffs. The label is low (pay me for kilowatts) and high (pay you the price). If you use only a high or even a low tariff, it’s bad whether you have a one- or two-rate rate.

A single tariff rate means that you pay the same price all day, for a double tariff there is a fixed number of hours for which you pay me. This does not mean, however, that you just decide for yourself that you will also use the low tariff. To do this, you must meet the condition that you will use electricity to heat or heat water. Simplified, who has a boiler, accumulators, heaters, electric boiler and heat pump, a year to determine the number of hours a day of cheap electricity.

Supplier rates renamed

The stated rates are offered by each supplier to one or more tariffs, which differ in the price of electricity, possibly by various fees. I also offer special bonuses, price guarantees for a certain period and the like. And if they are called. For example, order the D02d rate from EZ as the D Standard tariff, E. E. as the Elektina Klasik tariff and PRE as the KomfortKlasik 24 tariff.

Is it possible to change the rate and tariff? Urit. If you have a boiler and you switch from rate D02d to D25d, you will be able to use eight hours a day of cheap electricity. And not only for water heating, but also cheaper to put in the oven. In total, you can save and increase the original costs.

If you reached the D45d tariff, when you get cheap electricity for even 20 hours a day, you would save half of your current electricity costs.

And in certain cases, you can also use the reverse procedure. Thirty-year-old Alena Mal had a boiler for a cottage and paid two thousand crowns for a two-tariff rate. Because the bag lasts only a few weeks a year, it decided to change and now even though it uses only a high tariff, it costs 1,200 crowns a year. How is it mon? When you use a low tariff, you pay less for the kilowatt consumption, but you have to pay more fees. And you have to pay even when you don’t take a kilowatt.

It is easy to change suppliers

If you want to change suppliers, you don’t have to swear anything or go through the web pages and enter the same data everywhere. You can find all energy suppliers on the website of the Energy Regulatory Board. In addition to these pages, there are many others with calculators, where you can compare the prices of electricity from several suppliers, and with the change itself will help you. Just make sure you keep up to date with the latest known rates.

S m bag potat muste, je as. The change takes at least three months, usually three, but it can also be according to. You can make the change directly with a new supplier or via the Internet portal, where you compared the prices.

“If the current supplier has a contract for an indefinite period, you can enter the change immediately. After signing the contract with the new electricity supplier, the due time will start. It is usually tmsn, but it can also be part according to the business conditions of your current supplier, ”to Tom Such from the Ueteno.cz portal. If you sign the contract, for example, on June 15, from November 1, you will have a valid deadline and from November 1, take electricity from a new supplier.

Just what, when did you sign up for your supplier for a while? Can you still file for a change? “In this case, you will be able to make a new move and after this time. If you decide to switch before the termination of the contract, you can get a penalty from the current supplier for the early termination of the contract, if at all his business conditions allow the premature termination of the contract, ”warns Tom Such.

Beware of the dealer’s door

Some electricity suppliers will “catch” new customers in a full-fledged way. It is no exception that the two bell hunts, who introduces himself as a distributor’s representative, for example EZ, and begins to convince you that you have to sign a new contract, because you have changed the price conditions and you will pay me. found out that the dotyn was not from EZ at all, but was a representative of one of the alternative suppliers. And after a few months, you become their new customer. So pay attention to what you sign.

Experts of advice: do not rush, take a break, do not sign anything right away, make an appointment, want more information, ask, ask. This is the only way to make it free for you to decide whether to change your supplier for a pension or whether it will be just a spare paper for nothing and a dispute. Regardless of the fact that some sellers charge a fee for changing suppliers, which usually serves as their commission and can cost you thousands of crowns.

What to watch out for

  • Review the business conditions of individual suppliers and pay particular attention to how the time is right, if there are no other fees associated with the transition and how you will be able to pay.
  • Note whether tariffs are offered for a definite period or indefinitely. If the supplier guarantees a price, what do you mean? If it will be cheaper, for how long and under what conditions.
  • You should also be interested in the history of the supplier and how those who made a change before you have experience with it. Ask around, visit the internet discussion.
  • If you decide to change the tariff and look for a cheaper supplier, you will change it with a new one. Otherwise, the transition time is extended by at least msc.
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