Wednesday May 25, 2022

Pay the elephant uiz credit cards, on debt and without a year

Since last week, GE Money Bank has been offering a unique service in the Czech Republic: the ability to place payment orders via an ATM using a credit card. The dexterity and installation services of credit cards is a bag more.

Credit cards (cards where the credit limit is used) are a product that is offered not only by banking but also by non-banking institutions. The owner of the credit cards still pibv, but the times when the client chose the vrov card just because he needed a loan are gone. Clients give more, and therefore the only follow-up services become more important.

With a credit card from GE, pay vouchers at an ATM

Less than a year after the commissioning of the GE Money Bank debit card holder, it was possible to pay via a voucher ATM. A novelty, really unusual for us, is the possibility to pay the household’s operating expenses on debt. And it costs ten crowns for a fee, the transaction will come to you.

“The ability to process payment orders at ATMs is a popular service usually offered for debit cards. It is not uncommon for credit cards and it is all the more appropriate that these transactions are anchored for an uninterrupted period, ”explains Jarmila Kowolowsk, product team manager at GE Money Bank. The bezron period for GE credit cards can take up to 50 days and by default only applies to payments at merchants.

You can find all ATMs of the bank, which you will find in the whole country 620, for payment of vouchers.

Own photos on credit cards increase security

A unique feature, but you can only find it with us at Citibank, is a photo of the holder placed on the front of the credit card. There is no doubt that we can talk about one of the important security features, but you will only find it on Citi Classic, Gold and O2 credit cards.

Citi credit card zskte from the bank for free, Citi Gold vs will go to 2,500 ron. For an O2 Citi credit card you pay msn 50 crowns (ie 600 crowns ron).

Call you for cash

Citibank, for example, offered the only feature of bank credit cards. She called the service Cash on Call and works very simply. If you do not deal with your own pension and the missing amount is not very high, call your bank for a credit card loan.

Then just choose a deposit between 5 thousand crowns and your free cash limit card and determine the number of installments during which you want to pay the loan. Choose between maturities of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 msc. The bank promises a one-year rate on credit cards, starting from 18.9% pa

The standard provides discounts and bonuses of all kinds

White services for credit cards are travel insurance, insurance inability to meet bonuses and discount programs. There are a number of so-called cobranded credit cards. For example, donate them to charity.

You can arrange several additional cards, share the limit with the base card. Such a standard is also the ability to check the current status and movement of pensions on the card whenever you remember. This is offered – to a greater and lesser extent – by all financial institutions issuing credit cards.

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