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Pay tikrt for payment in GSM banking

As with any banking service, the user pays for GSM banking. With this channel of banking, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the fees are kept secret by two institutions, a bank and a mobile operator.

In the case of active use of GSM banking, fees accrue really quickly, and even if they are not exorbitant, they can definitely avoid the total cost of your bank account.

Banks charge for the vast majority of services, both passively managed and individual use of the channel. In the case of GSM banking, it pays like that. Activation of the service is in most cases at Czech banks free of charge, but if you do not use any of the balk services, you will pay a monthly fee for GSM banking in the range of 20 to 40 crowns. For parcel accounts, this channel of banking is included in the prices. Because GSM banking is limited due to its services with an additional pmho banking channel, some of which are limited in the case of zzen. For example, at SOB, it cannot be seen otherwise than in combination with telephone banking. Thanks to that, the bag will again get a discount on the fee from 40 to 20 crowns.

Pay for the SMS operator and sometimes the bank

Prices for individual active and passive services are in the breath of several crowns. For active services (the vast majority of banks can only use one one-day order to the castle, or top up the credit with a prepaid SIM card), the fee for the payment is similar to that for internet banking, namely 2 and 8 crowns. It is not the only financial connection associated with the order. When sending all costs for one order entered with the help of GSM banking, it is necessary to send a so-called reply SMS first, which confirms that the order has been received for processing. At most banks, these are sent free of charge at first, GE Money Bank will pay 2.50 K for each bag, HVB Bank one crown.

Banks also charge for the use of passive GSM banking services. If you ask for the balance here, the history of turnover, the exchange rate of the selected foreign currency or the annual rate, then pay for a reply SMS at first this time only with the exception of SOB and esk spoitelny, where it is free. Banks usually have a price for one issued SMS determined uniformly. There are also exceptions for HVB Bank and GSM banking SMS divided into several groups. The client pays 1 crown for an SMS with general information or confirmation of a transaction, 2 crowns for passive information about his money and for the service of canceling a domestic payment with the help of an SMS then five crowns. The fee is also differentiated according to the prices of the program (bank 2.90 / 3.90 K for the issued information via SMS).

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The last long cost that you need to include in the total for one operation performed via GSM banking is the fee for each SMS sent first to the mobile operator. It depends on the tariff program you have activated. At msnho paulu, his owner pays the operator a crown and two. The owner of the prepaid SIM card bag can first pay for the SMS and 3.70 K (salary for one of the Eurotel Go tariffs).

So if you want to see how much vs one sending order goes to, for example, a commercial bank with an Economy account via a Vodafone card, you will get to the wall of items: 6 K for a payment order + 2.38 K for a sent SMS operator + 1.90 K for a responsible SMS from the bank. The total amount is therefore 10.50 crowns. If we should compare this with another product of the bank by telephone banking, then we get 13 crowns (6 K order, 6 K item charged by the bank for a connected telephone bank, 1 K one-time TAN password). GSM is therefore significantly cheaper in this case. But how did the individual banks compare in our model deposits? Which is the cheapest?

We have chosen two models of tiles for the price proposal. The fee did not include fees for the services of individual operators due to their very different differences even within one operator would otherwise cost the client with a paula and otherwise for a customer with a prepaid card, although the differences exist, of course, between individual pauses.

Mlo aktivn client:

  • led bnho here with the active service of GSM banking
  • 2 transfers to another domestic bank (entered by GSM banking)
  • 2 incoming payments from another domestic bank
  • 2 payments for the deposit of a standing order to another bank
  • 1 SIPO payment
  • msn entry from here sent by sweat
  • payment card
  • 2x zjitn zstatku pes GSM banking
  • 1x zjitn historie transakc pes GSM banking

Mlo aktivn customer


Msn costs in K

Potovn spoitelna – Classic program


SAT – Separate Plus Account


esk spoitelna – Input program


HVB Bank – Pohoda account


ivnostensk banka – konto Economy


Raiffeisenbank – Kompletkonto Start


eBanka – Free deposit program *


GE Money Bank – konto Genius/bn et s kartou a GSM**


eBanka – program Zklad


Active client:

  • led bnho here with the active service of GSM banking
  • 10 transfers to another domestic bank (entered by GSM banking)
  • 10 incoming payments from another domestic bank
  • 5 payments for the deposit of a standing order to another bank
  • 5 payments for the deposit of authorized collection to another bank
  • msn entry from here sent by sweat
  • payment card
  • 5x zjitn zstatku pes GSM banking
  • 3x zjitn historie transakc pes GFSM banking

Active client


Msn costs in K

Classicalivnostensk banka – Personal menu Standard


Potovn spoitelna – program


HVB Bank account Pohoda


SOB Separate Plus Account


eBanka – Plus zdarma program ***


esk spoitelna – Input program


Raiffeisenbank – Kompletkonto Start


GE Money Bank – konto Genius/bn et s kartou a GSM**


eBanka – program Plus


*) in case the client receives a minimum of 15 thousand CZK
**) pi prm. msnm balance over 40,000 K for the charging period
***) in case the client receives a minimum of 30 thousand CZK
Note: opertorm fees for sent SMS are not included

Looking at the table, it is clear that the differences between individual banks in my deposits are really known. Potovn spoitelna ranked high in both model clients, mainly due to the absence of a pause for GSM banking, which is reflected in the prices of the program with added services, as well as due to zero fees for incoming domestic payments. At SOB and esk spoitelny, zero fees are suitable both for confirming SMS about the receipt of transactions and for issuing SMS about the balance, history, etc. In the case of an active client, ivnobanka was the first to place, thanks to its package Personal menu Standard, which is active client prices and transactions are not more pvtiv. Its owner will receive all free electronic transactions within the framework of the second paul – ie incoming and outgoing payments as well as payments made on the basis of standing orders and direct debits, plus some other services.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the model example was based on minimum requirements (see above) – therefore, all banks do not get the same number of services for a given pension. For example, esk spoitelna m in a package in addition to two electronic transactions (which we settled) in the price per month kept two withdrawals from ATM S free of charge, similarly to ivnobanka two withdrawals from its ATMs within the Economy account. We mentioned it in the Standard personal menu package from ivnobanka and its special construction. In the same way, for most banks for a given monthly deposit, you can get all the channels of pmho banking – with the exception of GE Money Bank and ivnobanka with an Economy account (opt only one kanl pmho banking in rmci msnho paulu). Potovn spoitelna then only has telebanking for passive operations.

According to the table, two packages are listed, as well as those with zero msulm paul if the uritch conditions are met – these are eBanka and GE Money Bank.

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