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Payment card: how not to pay due to limits

Payment cards – so many have been written about them and there are still people who can’t fully enjoy their capabilities. Often, it is mainly the fears of the thrush being abused. You should worry about getting rid of safety limits. Do we know their value and can we deal with them?

It may have happened that you sometimes needed to withdraw cash from an ATM, but the set card limit was not the one you required. What to do when you need a pension and the ATM insists, or does the payment card have a fixed limit?
The easiest way is to select the required cash in a long period of time (if you do not want to use the services of your bank and select the appropriate item for a one-off exchange fee), or change the limit value setting on the card. How to do it and how much vs such change me stt?

Limits for and on

Payment card limits are a security feature. Undoubtedly, this is the first thing that interests the cardholder in the event of loss or theft. These are sewers that can be handcuffed and for cash withdrawals from ATM (ATM), as well as for payments at merchants, or for card payments on the Internet. Appear in the banks’ offers most often as standard (or recommended) with the possibility of rights according to individual needs and the client’s needs.

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And what limits can you meet with payment cards? In the first place with a limit restricting the withdrawal of cash at ATMs. The set extreme values ​​differ mainly depending on the type of payment card and are given as either daily or weekly. As a rule, there are no limits on credit cards issued to children, pp. student account (up to 18 years of age), on the contrary, gold and platinum cards.

The lowest limits range from a few hundred crowns, up to hundreds of thousands of crowns a week. The highest ones are usually the result of a certain monitoring of the client’s creditworthiness, or the situation here in previous periods.

The second limit is limited in payments made at the store, or via the Internet. For most banks, it is limited to payments at the store deviating from the values ​​for cash withdrawals from ATMs. The only exceptions are payment cards issued by SOB and Potovn spoitelnou. Here, the limit for cash withdrawals from ATMs and payments at the store is served in a single hundred.

Banks offer the total limit here (eg BAWAG Bank CZ, esk spoitelna), ie a value that cannot be exceeded in a given period. This means that even if the value does not correspond to the sum of the limit for cash withdrawals and payments at merchants, the maximum limit applies here.

Jak zmnu provst

All banks that issue payment cards can change the settings of payment card limits for their clients, both downwards and upwards. Usually, changes are made at the initiative of the client (cardholder) in writing, via the Internet (offered by Citibank), and by telephone. Zven set, resp. standard card limits, the banks can call by phone only after the previous oven of the client, ie you need to be a user of the service pmho bankovnictv.

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Change yes, but what for

Changes to the set limit are therefore easy to make, however, it is better to inform the bank in advance whether this transaction is free of charge. Fees vary from bank to bank. The difference can be achieved and the value of 200 K, as stated in the table. Most cash balances at this service do not charge in the event of the first change, some banks even not at all.
It is especially important that if you decide to change the transaction limits more often, then in the case of banks that pay for it, even the cheapest (20, 30 K), you may encounter a significant amount of costs.

Bank For a fee in K
Citibank 90
BAWAG 20 / 200 *
esk spoitelna free ** / 50
eBanka free *** / 50 per item
GE Money Bank free of charge
HVB free of charge
Komern bank free of charge
Potovn spoitelna 30**** / 60
Raiffeisenbank free of charge
ivnostensk bank 100

Source: banks

You can find an overview of limits and their settings HERE.

Limits with their safety function are important, they can sometimes complicate life quite unpleasantly, if they are set differently, you do not need them at the moment. Therefore, it is impossible to recommend the effect of the limit in the case of enough about the production of a payment card, as it is still in our pocket. Changing their situation is not complicated, but it requires some activity and usually the situation is not reached quickly. We must definitely not forget, with reference to the sufficient limits, or to the observance of other rules and recommendations, which are offered to obese breeding when using payment cards.

Do you know the time limits with your credit card? Does their settings suit you or do you often like them? Dark on your nzory.

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