Tuesday May 24, 2022

PayPal: try to pay by email

The PayPal service has become fully operational in the Czech Republic, and one hundred million people have sent around the world. To use the system, you need to have an embossed payment card.

When the philatelist Milan ra sold an expat from a collection of stamps abroad via an online auction with eBay abroad, he had to wait, and his pension will be transferred to a bank account in a few days or to go according to the receipt. In addition, the buyer paid high fees for the transfer of pensions.

From now on, such transactions will be significantly simplified thanks to the Internet. The PayPal payment system, which allows cashless payments via computer, will start working fully in the Czech Republic. The American PayPal in the Czech Republic has so far only worked for the last pension abroad.

The possibility of payment is accepted by the very dark team, which the system actively uses.

PayPal: for small payments

Despite the fact that the most PayPal users are among the clients of the internet auction network eBay, which owns the system, the possibilities of its use are much more.

We pay him for promotional items, which we order from abroad, told the ra, which has a hobby and owns the advertising agency Top-Art-Studio. Bank fees for transactions with foreign countries are in the hundred hundred crowns, which is a strong expression, especially when transferring small drains, he added.

First, for small payments, such as transfers for downloading games and ringing to mobile phones, I find a similar system in the Czech Republic.

The current way of casting via Premium SMS is especially suitable for operators, said publicist Martin Zikmund.

When you pay for something with a text message on a special folder that costs a crown, you can be sure that sometimes and half of the amount will go into the pocket of the opertorm. Similar services could be significantly cheaper after the birth of PayPal, said Zikmund. Even when paying via Premium SMS, when the operatives would probably have to give up their profits.

PayPal could be used for delivery services or online shopping. In the Czech Republic, the model of payment is good. At the same time, the first time for the travel service would be possible to have no contacts.

The price of a consignment sent for a good price consists of the price of a potato voucher, a fee for the weight of the consignment, for a given price and for a good price, said the spokeswoman Dita Vclavkov. When paying by card or PayPal, you would only charge a shipping fee.

How the system works

On the PayPal.com portal, you can see that – the only condition is the ownership of the so-called embossed payment card, ie with the name engraved in plastic.

You can only send a pension via PayPal to someone who can open the portal to him or you have to open it in order to receive a pension. All you have to do is send him an e-mail, you can get out of your payment or credit card here at PayPal and pipe the recipient. When you want to pick up your pension, you can do so by bank transfer or bank. For which banks in the Czech Republic this service will work, it is not yet known. The bag will probably be charged similarly abroad.

According to experts, PayPal risks are not paid. Zikmund assessed, it always depends on how safe the user behaves himself.

If I were buying a car, I would prefer eBay to a second-hand car shop, Milan ra.

PayPal was founded in 1998 and its popularity grew rapidly due to the fact that new clients automatically subscribed to $ 10. Its boom went hand in hand with the development of online auctions, last year’s PayPal dog spreads for $ 30 billion.

Would you take an oveen identity by voice?

What is PayPal

It is an internet payment system operating in 55 countries around the world. It is mainly used for small stream transfers, for example for payment in online auctions.

It is thus suitable for receiving or sending a pension abroad. Unlike banks, tm dn does not charge fees. The transfer is so fast than a simple voucher.

In the Czech Republic, it could be used in the future for payments in the online store or for castle ringtones and mobile games.

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