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Pbh: emeslnk shrunk his pension, then disappeared. How to arm yourself properly

To come across a non-solid craftsmanship, which will crush the strength and then disappear, even if he did anything, I will meet vs. If you want to force Dlouunka to shake your pension as soon as possible, it is good not to make the same mistake as Mr. Martin Slivka.

His pbh began at the end of 2010. He completed the construction of his apartment in Opava and was recommended to him by a skilled craftsman. As for the agreements, the emeslnk only needed a deposit for the material. “But it’s over, unfortunately, the hunter took ptapadest tisc from us, he didn’t do anything, he didn’t drink, he hasn’t picked up phones since then, he just disappeared with our pension,” says Martin Slivka.

He therefore filed a criminal complaint and thus brought an action in court. He won. He then filed a petition for a replacement debt and considered that it was a petition for execution. “After half a year, I received a statement from the court that the debtor’s assets were not found one day, and if the debtor’s assets are not reported within ten days, the case will be closed,” the customer was robbed.

Mr. Slivka complained about the bailiff’s delays and his inactivity, but according to the president of the court, the day was not doubted and the bailiff proceeded correctly.

Nen nvrh as nvrh

“Although Mr. Slivka talks about execution, in this particular case it is not an execution, but a proposal for a decision on the execution of the decision,” said lawyer Pavel Nastis. Although both of these institutes, ie the petition for execution and the application for execution, have essentially the same duty, and the amount of the debtor’s assets to satisfy the creditor’s receivables, there is a big difference in them.

“It is inappropriate to enforce receivables through the execution of decisions (ie the proposal of the proposal for the execution of decisions),” the lawyer warned. A court fee is imposed for the first debt and a court fee is paid for the petition. “In addition, it is necessary to write directly in the proposal how the property may be affected, ie, for example, a specific property or a specific bank account,” Nastis pointed out.

If you, as the creditor, cannot find out the word or the specific property, you have a contract. But even if you knew about the specific property, you would have to submit a separate proposal for each case. So one proposal on the floor, he put you on a cottage in the state, put you on a collection of historical weapons.

It is appropriate to recover the receivables. “In such a case, the debt is recovered by the bailiff, the court fee is not paid for the petition for the order of execution, and most importantly: the executor can affect any property of the debtor, according to his own opinion,” Nastis recommended.

In addition to the property, the executor has all the opportunity and experience.

“I recommend Mr. Slivek to propose to the court that the enforcement of the decision be stopped and, following the completion of the enforcement of the decision, to file a petition for the order of execution,” advises the lawyer. In such a case, I hope that my pension will be documented.

How to proceed first

Don’t expect your long-term pension to bore, and keep in mind that the general time-lapse period is a year. Therefore, file a petition with the court for the issuance of a payment order for a long-term loan no later than the expiration of the time limit.

If the debtor does not appeal against the payment order, the payment order will come into force first. In the event of opposition, the court over the one that ends the judgment.

After the first power of payment order or judgment has become available, you can turn to any bailiff. You can find a list of these contacts on the website of the Bailiffs’ Chamber of the Czech Republic.

The bailiff can help me write a motion for the execution order. If you manage it, you can write it yourself. Any petition for execution will be filed with any bailiff you have chosen. There is no court fee for the application.

Submit the proposal no later than ten years after the first power of the payment order or judgment, then the first time for the recovery of the claim expires. The bailiff will examine whether the petition contains all the requisites and, if it is in the court, under the district court, the long-term resident in its district, for the right to execute. The court sweat within fifteen days of execution.

After all, the bailiff wants me a deposit for his remuneration and payment of cash. However, I can agree with you in such a way that he will not ask for a deposit and you will pay him his reward (which comes from the expense) and pay the evening and at the end of the execution.

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