Wednesday May 25, 2022

Pensions are the most exciting daily need for Europeans

When it comes to retirement, most people imagine retirement, fraud, and so on. But even the so-called same pensions are their own pinav. They are crawled through thousands of bacteria.

How two Europeans for cash, surveyed MasterCard. And the results? The banknotes are worn, pinaved and crawled by bacteria. More than half (57 percent) of respondents respond to banknotes and coins, even for the most interesting, they come into contact daily.

Hand-to-hand pensions are a source of infections

In order to be pinav, the banknote does not have to be old at all. Even the latest scientists from Oxford University found 2,400 bacteria. The European average is 26 thousand bacteria. “This is due to the sweat of pathogens getting enough to transmit the infection,” said Ian Thompson, a professor of general engineering at Oxford University.

Previous studies of banknotes have found contamination with potentially harmful bacteria (such as Klebsiella and Enterobacter), which can cause disease in a hunter. The growing number of antibiotic-resistant strains is a threat recently highlighted by Dame Sally Davies, Britain’s chief hygienist.

“With banknotes constantly emerging among different people, the study of mapping the worldwide birth of bacteria by moving banknotes is really rewarding,” added Ian Thompson.

“In all 15 countries, cash was chosen as the most popular on the list, 83 percent of Europeans believe that cash contains large amounts of bacteria,” said Gaetano Carboni of MasterCard Europe.

The biggest skeptics were Italians, the most crawled bacteria were then dnsk crowns. The least bacteria were found in euros in Germany, France and Finland. These nations are among the most optimistic, with about half of the people considering the most expanding daily needs here.

A jetedylogick, when the European two handling of banknotes preferred payment cards. “Now we have to say that most people like this as hygiene,” adds Gaetano Carboni.

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