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Pensions in the bank overheat: let’s say where in m they can spend and pay a percentage

Don’t leave your pension to a bnm bank here, just lose your value there. You can invest in mutual funds, with a broker or through the internet. Rated me bt even and a few plates of percent.

For many years the rates in recent years do not benefit the deposit dark. The profit for the leaders is almost zero and the real profit is more pronounced, inflation is often you, this year it will exceed three percent.

For your pension, although slightly appreciated, buy me more than two. Still, the fact that the bank’s path to the appreciation of pensions does not really lead. If you do not want to lose weight, do not take a certain amount of risk and become an investor.

Vbr makle is dleit
When looking for a business, you need to be aware of the quality and reliability of the services provided

Do not put all pensions in one place
It is best to divide the free funds into several hundreds and each will invest in another type of investment. So that they have as little connection as possible and have as little effect as possible. The term portfolio diversification is used for such a division.

Thanks to the investment of an unfavorable development, which usually affects a certain number of financial markets, while others, on the contrary, may or may not be affected by the decline.

How to deal with free pensions

  • Leave a small bed here so that it is always available.
  • insert into savings products, such as building savings and pension connections. The security is connected with the state support, but it is redeemed for the period for which you have to pay for the building savings for 6 years, for the pension connection up to 60 years of age.
  • What’s more, invest in mutual funds, stocks or other securities. These are pensions that should earn you money.

Each type of investment is associated with a different level of risk and with a different level of investment. Easier: you want to get more, so you have to risk getting more money. Not where he is willing to take a big risk, so he has to laugh at it with his debt.

As also plays a role
It is possible to get highly valued in a short time, but the hunter must realize that I can drink everything. You profit, fast liquidity and at the same time completely safe are not possible for one investment.

Zatenci a cut
The beginning investor usually invested in mutual funds. The most conservative to money market funds and bond funds, or to some of today’s very popular hedge funds. Don’t want to lose anything at all, so choose very safe products with a small input. This is not the case with term bank deposits. The investor also invests in equity funds, which can be rewarded with an exchange.

The funds are safe no pm nkup action
If you invest 10,000 crowns in the fund, your pensioner’s pension is put in a package with others and you buy for them shares of company plates. The decrease of one vs then endangers only minimally. But the salary, on the other hand, for the rocket growth of one company from the package, you only had a small amount.

Many investors therefore buy shares directly, not as a bite of mutual funds. Take the risks associated with how the value of the action will change for a while. Buy you 9 Erste Bank shares for 10,000 crowns. Then immediately count when the company is interested and, conversely, when its market value will decline.

Where to earn / stay pensions
type of investment mra rizika entry
money market funds nzk 1,52,5 %
bond funds spe ni 35 %
equity funds spe vy 15 %
hedge funds nzk 1 %
EZ shares high 20 %
shares Exxon Mobil high 20 %
sttn bond nzk 25 %
pkov investin certifikt very high 400 %

Don’t panic
The main principle of the investor is not to panic in the collapse of the market. Periods of rise are declines and sometimes declines. Only professionals can spend the evening with the market and strive for constant intervention. These mean costs, especially where fees are paid for orders to sell and buy.

A small investor usually deals with tens of thousands of stocks and chooses to issue securities for several years to overcome similar reversals. If his opinion on the five development market is correct and he has chosen the type and the specific stock over time, the market will reward him with a good contribution.

An example is the shares of EZ, which, despite fluctuations in the global markets over the past year, increased from 980 to 1,220 crowns.

How to evaluate pensions?
When you invest 100,000 crowns, then the appreciation, fees and the expected inflation of 2.5 percent, after 5 years the value of the investment and

  • on bnm here: 89 017 K pi evaluated 0.2%
  • in building savings: 110 200 K at an appreciation of 2% and with limited support
  • in shares: 143,000 crowns with an appreciation of 10% (investments with a high risk can end up in a loss)

Vbr makle is dleit

When looking for a business, you need to be aware of the quality and reliability of the services provided

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