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Penzijn pipojitn: Vyplat se maximln sttn pspvek?

With regard to the meaning and purpose of the supplementary pension, you have two prizes not on the relative income, but especially on the absolute size of the contribution. The maximum amount of 150 K can be obtained and 500 crowns. Ron represents 12150 K = 1,800 K. How effects can be expected from this step in a different long time horizon?

This means that the effect of the resulting dispute is only from itself sttnho pspvku is absolutely the same high as in the first case of the combination of one hundred crowns of the employee plus the central contribution. Those who have the opportunity to welcome their contribution to the highest possible share, to which the main contribution will go, will do their best when you apply for a change in the contract and adjust your monthly payment from the next possible term for CZK 500.

Let’s see how the effects can be expected from this step in a different time horizon. In the following graph, we plot the final balance, provided that the same high, ie in our case 500 crown payment, the statutes of the participants, regardless of the age of 25 years and after fifty years, with the fact that the period ends after reaching 60 years of age. For those fifties, this will mean that they will use the benefits of a pension supplement for at least ten years, while the young ones will know about it, and they will know about it accordingly.

Assume that the relative input will be about 2% in the future and we accept the very strict assumption that it will never be published in the future (and if so, the final values ​​will naturally go to you, not those shown in the graph).

Graph: The amount of the pension from the pension supplement at the 500 koruna monthly contribution of the participant and the 2% real contribution in the horizon of the permanent connection of 10 and 35 years

What is evident in the graph at first glance, ie increasing effects from the contribution to the income of the economy pension fund Depending on the size of the participant (or the period of the supplementary pension), the trip will go out in the table.

Table: Total effects resulting from the pension supplement at the 500 koruna monthly contribution of the participant and 2% of the real return at the horizon of the permanent connection of 10 and 35 years

If we divide the ratio between the type and the type of column, then in the graph a visible spread between the own contribution and its overall evaluation can be mathematically obtained so that the decade pension pipojitn will bring an effect of 43% to the 50-year-old participant, while for those who started it with a 500 crown payment at the age of 25, the cost of the total income is not more than double (88%). It is clear by nature that even at the moment when the real income would increase, then the income of the supplementary pension will increase longer.

As we will learn later, when we will deal with the idea of ​​the structure of the final retirement of seniors in more detail, the sums of around half a million crowns when retiring should be enough to strike an acceptable life, and therefore we again recommend to people around 30 years of age to own The contribution to the connection was moved to approximately this 500 crown limit. They have the opportunity to go a very significant way to the multiplicated financial effect, which we talked about in,
and which is first apparent in this graph.

What can I add to the standard post? Perhaps let’s just repeat that the original con. 42/1994 Coll., Announced its basic rate and for the first 24 months of the paid contribution the two-part participants go 25% advantageous. Specifically: Maximum without bonus in 120 K msn, after bonus then 150 K (120 K plus 0.25 krt 120 K). As the wave of interest in supplementary pension payments peaked around 1995, it is clear that these participants, after two years in favor of a favorable state contribution, sometime around 1997 at a basic (reduced) rate. In the meantime, however, inflation has depleted a substantial central contribution, so it is not surprising that in 1999, in connection with the amendment, the government came up with the idea of ​​a temporary but permanent 25% increase; This is only for those participants who adjust their contract to give the amended conditions, especially the accession to the extended period of entitlement to the old-age pension for 60 years.

This should certainly not be a pleasure for those who intend to stay in the pension with the main employee practically for the entire period when they are in employment, and for whom it makes sense to join the new conditions and gain the right to benefit from a favorable mortgage. meanwhile they lost. Those who signed a contract on a supplementary pension with a permanent contribution no later than May 3, 2000, automatically signed the contract on the amended conditions and it will be advantageous for them to fly permanently.

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