Wednesday May 25, 2022

Petrol zdrail o ticetnk, oil jet vc

idii on eskch pumps si piplcej stle vc. Last week, petrol rose by 27 halls to 32.32 crowns per liter, and the same amount of diesel jumped by ten halls to 30.91 crowns. Oil has fallen in price, but the koruna has weakened, so we can’t expect prices to fall in the coming days.

The situation last week was affected by several strong events in foreign markets: a sharp drop in action on Wall Street in a single day, a sharp drop in oil prices and a weakening European currency. “Oil experienced one of the biggest weekly declines in a few months. It lost about $ 11, or about 12%, ”explains Petr ermk, an analyst at Colosseum.

Pestoe, however, made oil cheaper, did not affect gasoline prices. The problems in Greece not only knocked down oil prices, but also strengthened the dollar at which oil is traded. As a result, the purchase of oil by Dr.

In the coming days, fuels should not increase so quickly, due to weak crowns, which also contributed to the reduction of annual NB rates, but it is not even much cheaper.

Prices should stagnate

“The sharp fall in oil prices is due to a sharp weakening of the koruna at our filling stations, so there is no sign. We expect that petrol and diesel will stagnate, or very slightly cheaper, ”added ermk.

The most expensive gasoline was refueled in Prague last week, the average liter was 32.69 crowns. Diesel spent the most on Vysoin and the Zlín Region.

Nelevnj Natural was in the Olomouc region, thanks to the price of one liter for 31.86 crowns, this region is the only one where gasoline costs under 32 crowns. The Olomouc region also has the cheapest diesel, averaging 30.15 crowns.

How much does fuel cost in regions (K / liter)


Natural 95 Oil
Cel R 32,32 30,91
Hl. m. Praha 32,69 31,27
Jihoesk 32,11 30,64
Jihomoravsk 32,68 31,25
Karlovarsk 32,39 30,90
Krlovhradeck 32,00 30,59
Libereck 32,18 30,97
Moravskoslezsk 32,23 30,76
Olomouck 31,86 30,15
Pardubick 32,19 30,77
Plzesk 32,62 31,11
Stedoesk 32,37 31,06
steck 32,06 30,66
Vysoina 32,54 31,35
Zlnsk 32,61 31,31

Source: CCS, 09 May 2010 (average fuel prices)

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