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Pirtem roads for 1,500 crowns ron. Fines salary insurance company

Don’t be afraid of the fine and don’t worry about speed, says Slavia. It is the only one in the Czech Republic to offer insurance against traffic jams. According to Slavia, it is possible to protect the discipline and perception of inconvenience. The competition considered the offer shameful.

An insurance policy called Krytof is free of charge at Slavia. As a special product, the basic variant will cost 1,500 crowns a year. Anyone who owns a legal person and has no court order is insured.

Insurance Krytof only applies to fines imposed in the first instance. The blocks of fines, which the police imposed directly on the city of the change, no one will pay me. For a fine, at least one penalty point must be awarded.

“Insurance Krytof e castle fines and not possible volumes, which is going to hasten a variety of beers,” adds Rostislav Kocman for Slavia.

According to the insurance company, the main purpose is to reduce the impact of the misdemeanor on people who otherwise behave mischievously, but have committed the mischief due to inattention. This is the case, for example, with the phone, not turning on the safety dog ​​or slightly exceeding the speed limit.

As the insurance does not apply to the block of fines, you must reject the sanction in place in order for the proceedings to take place. The insurance company is fighting block fines.

The co-participation for all variants amounts to two thousand crowns. The insurance therefore applies to fines imposed in the first instance, which exceed this amount. Men fine you will have to pay yourself.

How much does it cost Krytof (in K)
Insurance Ron insurance Ron insured with a bonus
30% after 1 year without code 50% after 2 years without cod
Varianta Economic
Pojitn pestupk 100 000 1 500 1 050 750
Pojitn odeszdn P 36 500 1 350 945 675
Pojitn prvnch slueb * 10 000 880 616 440
Professional variant
Pojitn pestupk 500 000 2 800 1 960 1 400
Insurance claim P var.1 109 500 4 000 2 800 2 000
Insurance claim P var.2 182 500 5 800 4 060 2 900
Pojitn prvnch slueb * 100 000 2 800 1 960 1 400
Source: Slavia Insurance Company; * includes a representative element before the first body

I odebrn idiskho prkazu si mete pojistit

The insurance against the surrender of the driver covers the main situation when he / she gradually collects 12 criminal points. Close me if I have the maximum number of points in the account. The insurance does not apply to situations where the police take the ID card from the city. It is necessary to score.

The insurance benefit is paid daily. There should be a possible decrease in income, costs of professional competence for women, costs of public transport, accommodation outside the permanent residence, etc. The maximum amount is within the insurance limit.

If they take your ID card and have the cheapest insurance, you will receive one hundred crowns a day. For other variants it is 300 or 500 crowns per day. You can find the insurance prices in the table in.

The insurance indemnity is calculated in such a way that the baby does not find himself at the same time without an ID card or without an insurance indemnity. After a year, the idik will get back and the insurance company will continue to pay the pension.

Competition: It’s a shame

Criticize the other binding product. “Our insurance company does not offer this insurance, we consider it a disgrace. We do not support such people who cause traffic violations, for which they will receive fines in the first place, ”explains Pavla Pasekov from the Allianz insurance company.

“It is fine to serve as a means of education, and its goal is to cultivate and educate people to smoke. We would take this step in conflict with the company’s long-term strategy, whose goal is good and the sun, on the contrary, to motivate, “says Tom Hejda from SOB Pojiovny.

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