Friday May 20, 2022

Pkistn me to be home to other terrorists, even if it is


The secret intelligence services also cooperated in the capture of Usma bin Ldin. At least that’s what the government said there that the country shouldn’t host terrorists. The question is, to what extent can his claimed brt vn. Pkistnt politicians are notorious for going radical “on hand”. The country just couldn’t withstand American pressure.

We sat together in the gardens of one of the houses in Pvra, a town in the northwest of Pkistno. He had him, who sat opposite me last year, and he made sure he had several times to make sure his name was not known anywhere. Don’t even talk about the photo.

With a sad look, Tictnk told me about his situation at the wild Afghan-Pskist border, where he worked for the Central Purgatory government. Where the tribes of the ancestors will relinquish, and with them those who pay them the most. therefore, often Islamists radical cities and abroad.

“Mobile phones don’t work there, but Taliban Islamists simply use public telephone exchanges. As they have their own shops or offices – in short, their own world. The soldiers are just strategically following the city, plus only some. do not actually work in this region, ”he told him.

The former one also lived in a relatively secure Pvra, or Islamists have allies throughout the country. According to him, even among the avojka police officers, especially the young ones and their rank. A number of newspapers and secret services have long known that Osma bin Ldin, the terrorist st al-Qid, was hiding on the border between Pkistna and Afghnistna.

Ven host Usma bin Ldin

It turned out that the situation is to go mountains. Globln is famous for his stay in Abbottbdu, a city popular with students and tickets for good bikes and a pleasant climate. What’s more, a prominent military crew shared here. Usma bin Ldin was in a luxurious villa within sight of the military academy.

Abbottbd is only a few kilometers from the capital Islmbdu. And in comparison with Pvr, respectively the Afghan-Pistist border, it is a sign of peace.

Much has been written about the connection of the ISI secret intelligence service with Islamic radicals from the Taliban. At first, during his reign, he went to Afghanistan with the numerous family of Usma bin Ldin. As an out guest: the newspaper’s motto that while binLdin stty sponsored terrorism, with his march the terrorist sponsored the governments.

What was doubly true in the event of a symbis between the extremist million from Sadsk Arbie and Taliban amateur ministers. So is it possible that the Pursuit series or secret services know about the whereabouts of the world’s most wanted man? Is that how bin Ldin – and so far – fulfilled the old debt?

You’ll get him, you and the dead!

Analysts believe that Usma managed to escape practically the whole blanket by American agents, who received more than a clear return from their presidents: You will get him, you and the dead!

On Monday, the Pskist government signed up to take action against the terrorist krill. Her f Jsuf Rza Giln stated that Pkistn must not host terrorists. He acknowledged that the intelligence services had cooperated in killing bin Ldin. The question is how upmn these words premir thought. And whether the cleaning cabinet just succumbed to the constant American pressure to capture Usma.

Among Israeli politicians, it is subject to the typical Islamist radical sport. Their support always ensures the election of votes and influence. Islamist, even those militant, the inclination of politicians ct.

If we add to the growing nboen radicalism, the chronic corruption of the purgatory and tenants among the individual ethnic groups, you need to take Gilnho, the prime minister of the country, vn. He suggests that Islamist terrorists are much more insecure than the Fall of the Mind.

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