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Play as an investor and win a Porsche sport

In the new competition of X-Trade Brokers, where you can try investing in commodities and in the new market, the main game is the Porsche Boxster. For all those who are interested in participating, we have prepared a short interview with a company representative. Find out interesting information in it that could help you to find out.

The main win is clear. How are the games put? Do they have other investors, apart from the top, do you want to take away a game?
The main prize is a Porsche Boxster. This will increase in the competition that best evaluates your virtual deposit in the amount of 200 thousand K during the regular competition, ie. from 15.10 to 30.11. In addition, when each bird at 17.00 during the competition, we will publish the preliminary results from each week and, best of all, get a laptop from that given week. Also added among spn investors will give away 6 laptops.

What will investors need to be able to participate? How do the investor have to fulfill his obligations in order to compete?
In order for investors to be able to defend the X Trade Brokers Cup competitions, it is only necessary to register on the website or on the website The competition is completely free, participants do not have to invest their own funds.

Do I have any results that I have no experience with investing, compared to professional or experienced investors?
Of course, where the winners win, knowledge and intuition are important in the investment. Investor intuition can ultimately mean much more than a broker’s license or the practice of a financial advisor. It is no secret that people who are not professional investors in the capital markets often achieve much profit from professional brokers or financial advisers.

As an example, I will mention a similar competition in one foreign market in which we operate. There he won a sociology student who now has the opportunity to drive a Porsche Boxster. Our first psychology competition was won by a psychology student. Also win me really cad. Investing is not as complicated as it is sometimes argued. To hurry, it is important to follow the economic first, so you need courage and a quick barrel. The goal of the X-Trade Brokers Cup investment competition is to popularize investments and enable investors to compare their investment capabilities with other investors.

How does the investment itself take place and in which it is possible to invest in the course of the competition?
The investment competition will take place on a specially prepared demo system of the X-Trade Brokers – X-Trader transaction system, which is currently one of the most modern investment platforms for online trading. Complete the transaction in secure mode every night. The investor can definitely use various graphs and indicators of the so-called technical analysis for his investment. He simply installs the platform on his personal pot and starts trading me.

Try investing in commodities and win PORSCHE

There are over 70 instruments on which investors can trade. The most popular currencies are EUR / USD, USD / CHF, USD / GBP (and USD / CZK) and of course commodities: oil, gold, m, silver, coke, corn. The offer is supplemented by the world’s most famous stock exchange indices (and cracks) and thus selected stock titles

The investor can speculate both on the increase in the price of individual instruments and on its decrease. With the help of the platform, CFD contracts or contracts for balanced price differences, which belong to the group of derivatives, are traded. In business, the so-called leverage effect is mentioned, which means that the achieved results (profits, but also losses) are multiplied by the investment. At the moment, of course, it seems especially important that we can sell or buy oil and speculate that we would not own oil. But in commodity markets, it’s completely uncommon.

The problem with many platforms is that they do not display data in real time, but with a certain amount of time. What about the X-Trade Brokers platform?
The X-Trader platform always displays data in real time, so each participant in the competition can follow the development course of individual instruments for the storage of real data on the platform.

An important area that I can influence investor returns is fees. What about trade fees with X-Trade Brokers?
There are no competition fees for the X-Trade Brokers Cup. Participants in the competition only have to register and then invest in their virtual 200 thousand crowns. Likewise, in real trading through X-Trade Brokers, the investor does not pay any fees. Its only cost in the competition and in the relay is the so-called spread, which is the difference between the price of demand and supply of individual instruments.

There are certainly not many specialists in investing in commodity markets and forex in the Czech Republic. Where can inexperienced investors and beginners get the information they need to help manage their commodities and currencies?
The intended purpose is to participate in the knees that our company brings to the ground of the Czech Republic. The knees are, of course, free of charge, and in the course of them we want to bring the affiliation associated with investing in the CFD market as close as possible. Specially for the participants of the competition, we organize knees in the Top Hotel Prague, which will take place on October 19, 2007 from 10.00. All information about our knees in Prague and other cities can be found on the company’s website. In addition, each recipient can receive information material from us either electronically or in the same form.

He answered the questions Jakub Mal, zstupce editele X-Trade Brokers v R.

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