Wednesday May 25, 2022

Plka pojioven from loska povinn ruen nezdraila

Not all insurance companies, which sell compulsory insurance, will raise rates from the New Year. Some, with the right tariff secret or kn arrived at this year, have just introduced new discounts. The fuse vs will come out cheaper than the current one.

You are obliged to arrange a mandatory guarantee for tinct state, one compared to losk. In Lower Austria, the Lower Austrian insurance company terminated its activities in the Czech Republic and its clients were taken over by Kooperativa. And next to the Triglav and Wstenrot insurance companies, they are among the conditions that rates will not change at all. Keep this step for the spring of five years.

They have new rates, but you don’t have to pay incl

The Czech business insurance company has risen by about 6 percent since this June, but thanks to new discounts for good people, those who have been driving for three years, even if they cause an accident, will be cheaper. They automatically fall into the tables by region and by age into the appropriate group. It offers a basic rate in all model cases significantly less than last year.

Generali adjusted rates for this year in lt, but only by dividing vehicles into more groups according to engine capacity. Uniqua adjusted her rates, but only cosmetically, motorists from smaller towns even made it. SOB Pojiovna will increase rates from January 2010.

Individual prices

The chapter itself is the Direct insurance company, which does not collapse on these days of the tariff. Its segmentation system is so complex that the classic tariff is not issued, the price for each model and for each idea is thus essentially individual.

You can spend how much the insurance would cost first on the calculations on the insurance company’s website.

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