Friday May 20, 2022

Pocket money for children is a problem in the Czech Republic. 40 percent of parents are wrong

Pro dvat dtti kapesn? Let’s buy him ovens in, he says. According to experts, such a benevolent approach to pensions on the part of parents is not paid. Dt is then surprised when he encounters reality and finds out that there is nothing wrong with that.

Only eight percent of children do not receive pocket money. This is the time: most children have their pensions and have to manage them. Only in the case of not more than 40 percent of cases, it looks like the pocket money will be filled in when children need or give birth. And this is a financial anarchy, which cannot be called education for the first approach to pensions.

Dagmar Prajzlerov from the consulting company Partners criticizes such a model. “It simply came to our notice then. Children mistakenly feel that pensions are easy for me, that is, whenever they need them. Similarly, we breed in adulthood, leading to more irresponsibility and easy indebtedness. ”

For young schoolchildren, even half of them think that their own pensions are for them, they always give them ovens whenever they need something or want something.

estkrt “ano” for pocket

The benefits of a regular pocket money are indisputable.

  1. In order to manage a certain amount of pensions, when they spend them at once, they have to ask themselves what they would like in the following days.
  2. U gradually connect to things that one pocket money is not.
  3. At a time when the world and the Internet banking industry have to start, they have to master skills that are not in the round, but are needed for practical life.
  4. When using a bank, he lives with imaginary pensions: he has to swear, even if the real banknotes from the wallet do not disappear.
  5. When in old age the parents introduce the model “we will give you things, but it will pay for lunch in the bike and the phone”, it is learned that some data are necessary and must have a reserve for them.
  6. And for the first time, the children will “run away” and get you on the phone, they will have to go to their parents. And know the feeling of debt binding the need for splits.

We had a system, two of you, when it’s you

The fact that pocket money is often an imaginary concept in families is confirmed by Markta from Prague, 45 years old: “Originally, we had a fairly sophisticated system in which pocket money was influenced by customs stamps. It worked with the first two children, but the descendants would, due to the collusive results, have to pay ns, and so the system collapsed. Young children get a pension for people: to the cinema with a bicycle, for a flight, for a tram ticket.

It is similar in other families. Births are often convinced that their children have pocket money, you, on the other hand, miss that births are often “forgotten” on payday. It is stupid for a child to remember, so stay without pensions.

Kapesn sndly candies? Vc pension u do not get!

With the arrest of the school year, in many families there is a question of a pocket money. And how to do it so that the pocket money does not lose its meaning first at home?

  • Set the rules and keep them consistent, especially yourself.
  • With a pocket pocket, when the children get on the bike. It doesn’t matter that they can’t go away, they’ll be more and more willing to learn.
  • If you spend your pension on the foundation of housework and customs results, set it so that the child receives a solid foundation and only depends on how exemplary it is.
  • The system should be motivating. Better rewards for positive reasons than fines for deficiencies. But beware, when he is in motivational retirement, the child could ask over time how much he will get, when he will go to take the dog or visit the great-grandmother.
  • As soon as possible, create a child and learn how to manage it via the Internet.
  • Pay your pocket money after your payment. In many families, they pay the “first”, but that at birth they can have deep pockets.
  • Set your permission here and send your pocket money automatically. The bank, unlike vs, will not forget.
  • Motivate children to spoen. The best way is for you: “Cut your half on the coveted play, we’ll pay you the rest.”
  • Send the grandfather everything, but make him responsible for regular payments that you would otherwise make yourself (lunch, transport, telephone).
  • If the pension does not come out, do not subsidize it. Ask him the maximum and demand that he pay his debt.
  • Don’t talk to children about what your pension will be for. If the very next day nahz ve into the biscuit machine in the bike, it’s his vc. You have a bag that you wouldn’t do that. And most importantly, don’t put a crown on his cookies.
  • Talk to children (equal to their age) about family pensions, big purchases and financial problems. Children should not feel that the pension is born in an ATM or that such work goes to work and there he automatically went to everything.
  • Motivate old children to live outside the family, you douovnmm, summer brigda.
  • Prepare the children so that they will not study, and if they will live with you for a long time, give them a contribution to the household.
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