Saturday May 14, 2022

Polsk kamion jel pl kilometru bez idie, narazil do bval celnice

An idiot-free Polish truck drove from the Polish side for half a kilometer to the border bridge, where it first crashed into a decommissioned Turkish truck and then damaged a former customs building. Thanks to a lot of accidents, nothing happened to anyone during the unusual accidents in the afternoon in Chotbuz in the Karviná region.

go to the Polish side went downhill, but due to misconduct on the brakes had to stop. “He got out to inspect the vehicle and mark the city. However, the truck did not support the wedges and it started, “said Zlatue Viakov, a Karviná police spokesman.

The Scania multi-ton set picked up speed, and the idio didn’t have to jump back into the cab. She drove in the opposite direction and then into the former customs area. There, she first picked up and knew how to put down a Turkish Renault truck, and the idea managed to jump you out.


Eventually, the Polish colossus stopped building the building of a former customs house, which still belongs to the Czech Ministry of the Interior, and now serves as a currency exchange and shop for electronic money and debt stamps.

“It is damaged from the building, but perhaps the statics were not disturbed. Preliminarily estimated codes for vehicles and buildings rose to about two million crowns, “the police spoke added. Accident pins according to the tattoo.

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