Tuesday May 24, 2022

Porsche competition starts: the difference between the first and last game is 550%

The investment game of the company X-Trade Brokers, on which the news portal iDNES cooperates, has had its first week and the first winner of the bonus. Mr. Josef from Teplice received a profit of 358.85%. Only one aunt of contests is in the red.

that the main point – a Porsche car with a large excavator, was clear from the arrest. With a daily finger around the press office, the number of investors exceeded 15 thousand and continues to grow. The interesting thing is that although the incident was the week’s ratio of 52.6 to 47.4, at the end of the week it was 73 to 27. The average number of contestants is 27 years (it was 30 years on the week of the week).

Vsledky mrn pekvap
As for the interim results, the highest weekly evaluation climbed to 358.85%. The winner of the first laptop for the best weekly result was Mr. Josef from Teplice, his number here is 46,916.

The fact that investing in commodities is not just about profits, is also proved by the fact that more than 5,150 competitors have been lost so far. Although this was high, we expected the investor to lose much more. The fact that, despite an incorrect estimate and a high risk, there will be a loss for other commercial products, not even an investor, the competition could be determined by 37,600. It is obvious that risk does not always mean profit.

Try investing in commodities and win PORSCHE

Losses 100% and so far only those traders have “reached”. On the other hand, 1,085 participants made a profit of at least 10% in the first week, 266 investors received 50% and 68 competitors scored a 100% appreciation.

Thne EUR/USD a ropa
The most popular instruments that traders choose to trade on competitions are the EUR / USD currency (Monday and Wednesday) and oil (which led to the popularity of Thursday and Friday) with an average sweat exceeding 2,000 trades per day. The most popular instruments are gold and currency GBP / USD and USD / JPY. On the other hand, the least traded instruments are indices, especially the Japanese NIKKEI 225, and a bit surprisingly the domestic PX.

The most active traders sign up in Brno (especially on Mondays and Wednesdays) and in Prague, which could be expected. The activities of traders are also evidenced by the largest numbers of daily trades with one investor. The record is 180 shops of Mr. Dominik from Pbram, Mr. Robert from Valaskho Mezi (120 shops) or Blanka from st nad Labem (105 shops) presented an interesting sweat.

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