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Potme s vmi: Spolen et, nebo kad svj? ei se dl neradi

Is it better when I have my family in the family, or is it appropriate to have one together? Both variants have both pros and cons. Surveys show that they are sluggish, most of them two preferred two or more dark. Answer how ei pub, pin seril Potme with you.

Each person enters into a relationship with a clear idea of ​​the model of management. The way family farming worked in his original family plays a big role. And then wrong just on how to put together to suit both. A few tips on how to get rid of it, in other places according to the TV series bank Jan Doubek together with psychologist Marta Bouková and moderator Marek Nmec.


“I have been together since I was at home with my children and I only had husband. Pestoe u dvno letlil both, not even thought to change it in any way. This is how it suits us, ”to Jitka from Prague.

This is the first one of the model –ve je nae, which speaks of the fact that the household uses a single number and considers all pensions together. The young people who start living together and one of them do not have a stable income or are with a child in parental leave, and then old people and pensioners who do not own the time of independent banking in their productive age.

Dt finances for one pile is a more comfortable and tidy one, it requires a big court and tolerance. Then there are many risks. Not only will the fraudulent husband probably soon learn that something is wrong, but even the lover will not be at the time. How to deal with this problem, tte in the Nevra link warms up family finances.

Jan Doubek sees an advantage in the common model, for example, in that the partners can jointly view this example through electronic banking and pay only one fee.

The fees would not have to be the only reason for the company. You can have it completely free at several banks today. .

Rada: If you run a shared household here, you should pay for all shared expenses, such as rent, energy, petrol, children’s meals, etc., while you should reserve a pre-arranged stay for your private ends.

… Tub for St.

“We have allowed each other to pay the food and pay for the purchases, which take care of payments associated with housing and insurance policies. We will take care of the rest ourselves, ”kJirka, to whom this method is suitable even because the wife will not find out about the possible trunk in advance.

This kind of way – Mine is mine, choose a strong people who have some marriage and a share behind them.

Rada: If you manage on two of these, you should be able to adequately measure the income of each person to share what someone will pay. Most of the time, they have to pay, the costs associated with the car or vacation and the purchase of food and cosmetics.
Even if you do not “see” each other in the world, you should be aware of your income, including your knowledge. You should then share all the data in proportion to your pjmm.

And to take the advice of psychologist Martina Nepraov: “The household finance model should be flexible. This means adjusting the chosen variant at the moment when one of your partners loses your job and stays at home with a small child without income. ”

How do you manage at home?

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