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Pr pank or beer cut the fuse by half

Alcohol and the binder go together like fire and ice. Due to alcohol and personal negligence, the payment of a life insurance policy can dream of hundreds of crowns and the pension will dissipate irreversibly. It is risky for you to get drunk with a drunken idea.

Breaking down in a car that got drunk is going to have a significant financial impact. Insurance companies can cut the insurance fee by half due to alcohol. This breakthrough was handed down by the Supreme Court in the case of a co – driver in the Chrudim region, who died in a car crash in March 2005.

Aware of risk and negligence do not pay off

From Chrudim, sent by alcohol, he got into his car with a drunken idiot. The ride cost him his life, he only escaped with the wounded. Manelka wanted the dead man to pay his insurance. However, the insurance company refused to pay the entire fee. She argued that the passenger was to blame.

The case of the courts in Pardubice and Hradec Krlov. They decided to cut the fuse on the bird. Pozstalm did not like it and appealed to the Supreme Court. He agreed with the truth and decided that according to the victim the resulting code is even you not 20 percent and I can beat and half.

It was up to the city to cut a deadly compensation for the code, because the passenger sat in the vehicle and knew for a while that the driver was driving them. His approach was extremely risky. His negligence increased the risk of his injuries and death, to speak at the Supreme Court Petr Kntig. Even other cases in which the co-drivers are left to die due to drunkenness, the courts can now assess its instance similarly.

Kolik ei vypij za rok alkoholickch npoj
Kolik ei vypij za rok alkoholickch npoj
Alkoholick npoje Consumption in liters
Beer 156,6
Vno 18,5
Spirits 8,1
Total 183,2
Source: Czech Statistical Data, per capita consumption, including infants, in 2008

Randomness is a basic principle of insurance

The decision of the court and his year in the dark. If you take a serious risk of damage, you must bear the consequences, but also according to your codes from him, to Pavel Pasekov, speak Allianz pojiovny. If the co-driver sits down to get drunk, or the principle of randomness, which is a basic principle in the insurance industry. If the risk did not occur, the insurance company must respond to this matter, adds the speech of the insurance company Vclav Blek.

Similar cases are not unique according to the concept. It’s not just about alcohol, but also about the use of safety dogs, points out Eva Svobodov, speaking UNIQA insurance company. The insurer does not throw all insurance events into one bag, but assess them completely individually. Badly caused to you codes, the way of the accident and other factors, adds Tom Hejda, speak SOB Pojiovny.

Zbytenhazard owes me to the whole family rad

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For example, if a drunk who stops demolishing and traces injuries in the next few kilometers stops, the insurance company will pay the insurance premium in full. After a drunk bag paid pension we ask back. it is often a large sum, says Vclav Blek. As he adds, idiots often do not realize that they can indulge not only themselves, but their whole family with alcohol behind the wheel.

Otherwise, however, an assessment of the connection situation, when the track goes through a drunken idio part of the road, including several stops at gas stations, when two of them could get out of the car and the rest did not risk it. If a drunk kills him while driving in an accident, the insurance will be reduced and he will receive a pension. The insurance companies send a clear one at first: If the co-driver acted responsibly, it didn’t have to happen!

Beware of alcohol even when traveling

Insurance and alcohol do not drink in the summer. Virtually all types of fuses, such as vehicle insurance, life insurance, but also travel insurance, have alcohol in humans. This means that if the influence of alcohol on the generated code occurs, the insurance company will completely reduce the insurance, points out Milan Ka, a spokesman for the Kooperativa insurance company.

The remaining death of a 39-year-old man, who was returning from a disco with his girlfriend, may also be a warning. Probably in a hurry of romantic mood, they decided together to buy in my home. He jumped headlong into the water from the pier first, but in the city where he had depth. You knocked down. Two per mille of alcohol in the blood. The reverberation of the whole tragedy was that the cost of repatriating the remains had to be paid by the deceased’s family for the first time due to alcohol in the blood, says Vclav Blek.

Be careful, for example, lyai. If you have a heart attack in Austria on the piste, it will usually be interrogated by the local police. Of course, alcohol is detected in the blood, and if it is confirmed, it causes problems. The cost of compensating a damaged person for his injuries, for the loss of due to pain can cost up to millions of hundreds and the insurance company can reject their cover, concludes Milan Ka.

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